Friday 1 April 2022

Trend Forecast: Outdoor Living Essentials

Despite summer ending, extreme wet weather and flooding over recent weeks caused by La NiƱa has resulted in a surge of mosquitoes and potentially increased the likelihood of mosquito-borne diseases like the Japanese Encephalitis virus (JE) and Ross River virus spreading. Like the majority of insects, mosquitoes thrive in warm wet conditions, laying eggs in and around water, meaning the more it rains the more opportunities mosquitoes have to multiply. According to Mitch Connon, Product Manager, Electronic Insect Control for Gecko and Thermacell, research and experts show that while we tend to associate mosquito season with summer, these recent perfect environment conditions for mosquitoes mean we are likely to see a peak in March and April compared to previous years.

Whilst it’s unclear the extent the recent weather conditions will have its always best to be prepared and take steps to reduce the likelihood of getting bitten. Aside from actions like avoiding going outside during peak mosquito times and wearing protective, long clothing, an effective way to protect yourself without any harsh chemicals.
Indoor Insect Control
Mosquitoes are generally associated with being an outdoor problem, however, with open entryways and windows and the growing popularity of indoor-outdoor spaces, it’s important to protect ourselves indoors as well as out. An ideal solution for indoors in areas including the living room, bedroom, kitchen or study is the Gecko Bionic Insect Trapper (RRP $49.00), which attracts mosquitoes using a CO2, UV light, heat and moist air – termed bionic luring. It mimics human breath by releasing Carbon Dioxide as well as moist warm air. With its clever, contemporary design, it not only looks great, but offers radius of up to 10 metres.

Another great indoor option is the Gecko Sticky Glue Trapper (RRP $33.00), versatile and ideal in covered alfresco entertaining spaces, this trapper includes three non-toxic sticky glue boards – meaning no messy chemicals or sprays. Easy to use and move, the glue trapper can be placed on a flat surface or wall mount letting it blend in seamlessly with your indoor decor.
Outdoor Protection
When it comes to outdoor protection there’s a number of mosquito killers and repeller options available. If you’re after an easy to use, simple and effective product, the Gecko 40W Insect Killer (RRP $84.00) is the perfect answer for medium-sized, suburban backyards. Covering a 30m radius of protection, this lantern is weatherproof and comes with a self-cleaning vertical grid and a catcher tray.

If you’re after a discrete design that co-ordinates with your decor, the Thermacell Mini Halo Table Top Repeller (RRP $52.95) provides invisible, continuous protection from mosquitoes, creating a 21m2 zone. Light weight, compact and portable, the small size is easy to use, and its contemporary, sleek design allows it to also look great on patios and decks when entertaining.
Camping Out and About
Despite mosquito season being extended well into the popular camping period of March to May there’s no reason to not enjoy your time in the great outdoors. With a 98% effective rate, the Thermacell Scout Lantern (RRP $79.95) successfully repels mosquitoes and insects by creating a 21m2 zone of protection. Its smaller portable size, bright 220-lumen light with 40 hours runtime, hanging clip, and outdoor design make it perfect for camping, caravanning or simply when out in the backyard, or deck. This scent-free, DEET-free lantern means you can say no to messy chemical sprays and lotions, making life more comfortable and enjoyable.
Gecko and Thermacell products are available from leading Hardware Retailers and select Camping and Caravan Outlets. For further information, visit and
Till next time... have a 'bite' free weekend!

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