Sunday 18 March 2012

Sunday Afternoon DIY and Decor

A lazy sunday afternoon!!!! I was too tired to move...but after my second cup of tea..inspiration hit me! I wanted to jazz up my homemade message board and incorporate it into the hallway area and also show you guys my latest flea market find!

My homemade message board is made out of a vintage photo frame that nobody wanted! I love almost everything that nobody wants!

Here's a before. The photo frame on top of the stool is the one I used.

It was chipped and almost falling to pieces when I found it. But it had the most beautiful carving. All it needed was some TLC! So I gave it a coat of paint with vintage white mixed with a drop of black to bring out the most unique shades of white and grey. Dry brushed of course to get the paint into the carvings and give it some added texture.

Attached some wire at the back, a wooden peg to hold up my messages and a cut-out of my trademark swallow for the corner. For message paper I cut out ruled ledger paper and stuck it on some recycled brown paper. And lo and behold we have a small and most importantly unique message board!

 I think it looks too cute for words!

Now for the hallway dressing...its simple but the mirror is a stand out. I found it at a vintage flea market and I knew I had to have it....and it was a bargain!!!!

Love the detailed carving on the mirror!!! I have been looking for the perfect mirror for a while now and I think I have found it at last!!!

The branches from my own backyard in a vintage jar that I had. French wrought iron candlestands that I love, lots of white candles, shabby chic message board and a couple of vintage French wooden boxes!

Pretty simple, but I love it!

Hope you liked this post!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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  1. Your message board looks great. I love that you left the imperfections. Love the mirror too. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway.


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