Wednesday 22 May 2013

Coming Together: Study / GuestRoom Makeover!

It's all coming together in our upstairs Study/GuestRoom. It's taken a long time to set up. Sorry about the blurry pictures. I took then with my mobile phone while setting it up. It's still a 'work-in-progress' since I'm still gathering and making over all the different elements for the room.

I had put together a mood board of the sort of colour palette that I wanted to go along with. Mostly neutrals since it's a small room. I envisioned a calm and relaxing space and also an inspiring space.

I had a few knick knacks that I wanted to keep and the rest was going to be either put away or donated.

This room is mostly used by my husband as his study and sometimes by me. When we have a lot of guests visiting, we use it as a second guest room. 

One day it will be turned into the nursery.

The mood board that I pinned up was one that I already had. 

The white walls and white furniture and natural burlap are a great combination. It compliments the space beautifully. 

A vintage pencil sharpener that used to belong to my father-in-law and then my husband during their school days. It still works beautifully!

The white study desk is from IKEA.

The desk storage is also from IKEA. 

The accessories are from various different shops in Fitzroy, that we bought when we moved into this house last year.

The white floating shelves are also from IKEA.

The Provincial cross back chair is from Early Settler. We bought a couple of extra ones when we bought the dining room set last year. They are pretty versatile in design and look good almost everywhere. 

The natural wood colour was not working in this room so I painted it white and to match the desk and the shelves. I distressed the chair lightly to give it that well-loved, lived-in look, left the seat natural for contrast and the chair was ready to be set-up with the desk!

A simple cheap white lamp from IKEA from university days when my husband and I were both students. This lamp served us well.

If you look closely, you can see a sneak peek of the rest of the room.

I haven't dressed the shelves yet. Just put the books on the shelves and clicked a few pictures (I'm just an impatient soul!). Next weekend, I promise to dress the shelves up.

Things completed:
The bed head was gray, I re-covered it with natural drop cloth, keeping in line with the new colour palette of the room. 
The artwork for the blank wall on top of the bed is also done.

There's still a long long list of things to do:
 I still have to dress the bed
Clean up the other side of the room
Store extra books away
Need a bedside lamp, table, bookshelf and a plant for the room

Stay tuned for better pictures of the study and also the rest of the room reveal.

Thanks for stopping by!

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