Monday 6 May 2013

Our Vintage Family Photo Gallery Wall

I'm working on a few projects at the same time and therefore none of them are complete yet. (What a bummer!) I thought of what to share with you all today. Initially I was going to share the living room makeover but I've hit a few snags with the final stages. So that's going to have to wait till next week.

So today I'm going to share my vintage family photo gallery wall. I had these vintage photos stored away and finally they are up on the wall. 

In our home, we have a narrow and looooong corridor leading from the front door to the backdoor. All the rooms and stairs lead off from this corridor. It's the best place for a gallery and also the worst to photograph.

But here is the family gallery wall with photos of my husband and my great-grand parents, grand parents and parents and maybe even a photo of me as a baby. 

That's my husband's grandparents. So in love!
 I love the way their shadows merge!

I keep adding to this wall as and when I find more photos at my parents home or my husband's family home.

That's my grandparents holidaying in Nepal. 
My gran dressed up in a traditional Nepalese chupa! 
So cute!

That's the front door and living room.

I love these frames. I make them for my Etsy store. They are rustic and beautiful and add a little gorgeousness to the wall.

(I wish I had cleaned the mirror prior to taking photos, I can see my finger prints left on it when I was straightening things up. Grrrrrr!)

Any guesses who that chubby little thing is? heeehee!

That's an IKEA shoe cupboard. It is the perfect fit for our narrow corridor as it takes up very little space. And it doesn't look like your average shoe cupboard!

I'm glad I put these photos up rather than storing them away in a box. I love looking at them everyday and I feel that they are all watching over us.

That mirror is one of my favourites, bought for a steal at the Canterbury Antique Market! Love the shape and the detailed carvings on it.

I'm sure I'll have a few more photos to add in the coming months!

I just wish this damn corridor wasn't such a pain to photograph! Do you have any spaces in your home that are as painful to capture? If so, any tips?

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. So pretty - thanks for sharing at Monday Funday!

  2. It is such an elegant space and I think you have managed to style an awkward space in a very creative way. Love the mixed finished frames and the unique family photos. You made the long narrow hall a true gallery.

  3. Love your gallery! Thank you for sharing. I also have a long corridor but not as narrow as yours.

  4. What a wonderful job you looks FABULOUS!!!!! You must smile every time you pass by! Hugs and thanks for sharing : )


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