Tuesday 14 May 2013

Room Reveal: Our Living Room Makeover!

Yes.. Yes.. Yes, I'm on a roll! One more room reveal!

Its taken a looooong time to get here. And though I'm saying that it is done, you do know I mean its done for now? ;) 
(Shhhh…don't tell my husband!)

Before I show you the makeover, I need to take you back in time, just for a bit…

Our Living Room Timeline:

Do you remember my living room earlier? 

It looked something like this

Then it looked like this.

Then came my Living Room Inspiration Post…where I shared some Living Rooms that looked just scrumptious!

Well, after all that… here's our Living Room.

The colour scheme of the living Room is neutral with pops of black and muted red.  

Here's the view from another angle…

Little details on the coffee table… 
A souvenir from Newcastle and a vintage French book from a flea market.

Mini cushions (that I made)…to add that homey feel. Okay you caught me, I love cushions! The more the merrier!

You can see the other ceramic drum stool peeking into the frame.

I actually love this wall art… It adds a bit of interest to the wall behind the TV and helps balance the blank space. 

And it's quintessentially French Provincial!

The rug matches the small lumbar cushion on the other couch. But I think this space needs a round more neutral rug or a bold stripy rug. I can't quite make up my mind on this one!

Another mini grain sack cushion.

The frames are simple and sleek black metal. I cut some white matting myself (since the quote of getting the matting professionally cut for 6 frames that size was over $300) and printed out black and white photographs taken on our trip to France and Italy this year in January. 

I deliberately chose large size frames and thick white matting (the same colour as our wall paint) to make the photographs the focal point. 

didn't want too much black on the wall and the white matting helps, it makes the photos look like they are floating on the wall.

This was a garage sale score - a huge and heavy antique mirror that will be put up on the wall…one day soon! 

I love how the eye is drawn to the photographs in the centre.

That's a French film poster "Jour De fĂȘte" by Jacques Tati, that I ordered from a poster shop in Fitzroy, Victoria. It adds a bright splash of colour to this otherwise neutral living room.

A tripod lamp that I made from an old music stand. That's a simple linen shade bought on sale from Target.

I saw the music stand lamp first on Kristine's blog, The Painted Hive and was so impressed. I had an old music stand lying in my garage that I had used to display signs during my product launch last year in July. But since then it was just gathering dust. So after I saw Kristine's tutorial, I decided to put the stand to good use.

I tried wiring it myself, even bought all the supplies from the hardware store but after nearly burning the house down, I knew I had to seek professional help. 

I scouted around a lot of light shops, but to my surprise, every shop I went to turned me down and said that it was not a feasible project! 

Then by sheer luck I happened to drop into a light store called Lights Lights Lights on Mt Alexander Road. The staff at LLL, Danielle, Elias and George were amazingly helpful! They had such a positive can do attitude! They wired my lamp in no time and now it works beautifully!
(And they have some gorgeous lights at their store!)

Moving on…that's a storage box or rather a 'vintage chest'. It stores all our old magazines. 

To see the tutorial on how I turned an ordinary storage box into a vintage chest, click here.

The living room gets a lot of natural light all day long and is probably my favourite room in the house.

The coffee table was a makeover project as well. I gave the table top a faux rust treatment to give it an industrial look.

It's a calm and cosy place to sit and chat for hours with friends or watch TV or just lie down on that comfy couch with a good book.

We love how comfy and uncluttered the living room looks and feels. And the best part, my husband loves the makeover!

Well there you have it…

Hope you enjoyed my Living Room Reveal!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Hi Rani! It's just lovely. I adore your story about the music stand tripod lamp - if it wasn't for my hubby I would probably have burnt my house down trying to wire the thing!
    I love the pop of green from the elephant's ears (is that what they are?) and I think I agree that the rug needs to be toned down slightly. 'Course I love the ceramic stools too! Lovely!

  2. Love your living room! One of my fave designs. I'm into home reno & design because I work for a social media that's all about houses/homes in AU http://www.housenet.com.au/. In fact we are about to release an online renovation tool.Might be useful in deciding which rug goes best with your design. Have you tried something like this? Cheers!

  3. Oh what a lovely space. Lisa xo

  4. Gorgeous - you have done a wonderful job!



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