Saturday 9 May 2020

Pots of Creative fun with Mum for Mother's Day!

With Mother’s Day tomorrow, you still have time to dash out to your local Bunnings Warehouse and grab a couple of terracotta pots and acrylic paints or interior paint sample pots to create a one of a kind gift Mum will love and cherish everyday.
This year I've partnered with Garden decor expert, Northcote Pottery and instagram channel @Growing_Mad, to create easy to make pot designs for under $10 using its 9cm Italian Terracotta Pots, which are currently, just $1.15 at Bunnings Warehouse nationally!

According to self confessed plant addict, Niall Hughes of @Growing_Mad, these pots require very little artistic talent and just a little time and patience while you wait for coats of paint to dry. It’s a lot of fun and a cost-effective way to make a really personal present.

I absolutely love the simple designs he's created. Inspired by him, I took out my paint brushes and some spray and chalk paint I had lying in the garage and Elie and I whipped these up in no time.  

Elie decided to paint hers a pretty cream with blush undertones. We used a stencil to write 'mum' on the pot. She then painted some watercolour flowers and leaves on card paper which I outlined and cut out. Next she stuck them on the pot using double sided sticky tape. 

Faux flowers
You can choose to fill it with faux flowers or plant a real one in it. Its a great way to explore your little one's artistic side using mixed media and a lovely bonding exercise! What more could a mum want?!

Below is a list of step by step instructions from @Growing_Mad to make your own painted pots:

Fruit Salad
Perfect for any kitchen, these pineapple and watermelon designs can be made in four easy stages. You just need pots, paints (red, green, yellow) and a permanent marker.

Step 1: Paint the rim of your pot green. Don’t worry about being too neat here, you may need a couple of coats.
Optional: use masking tape to cover the rim. The easiest way to do this is to tear off a strip and attach it to the pot at one end. Holding the other end taut, carefully roll the pot toward the other end.
Step 2: Paint one pot red for the watermelon and yellow for the pineapple
Step 3: Carefully remove the masking tape if you used it. Draw alternating rows of V-shapes on the yellow pot in permanent marker and tear shapes in random directions for the watermelon
Step 4: If you have a lighter green paint, put a little on the end of a brush and wipe off any excess, then add uneven stripes around the rim of the watermelon to create the look of the rind.
Possibly the easiest pot to create in just three stages with only two paints, the ombre look just takes a soft touch.

Step 1: Paint your pot white. This will take a couple of coats, which need to fully dry.
Step 2: Choose your base colour and mix a slightly lighter shade, apply this at the base on long, shallow humped shapes
Step 3: Wipe your brush off and use sweeping motions to draw your coloured paint up the pot letting the brush dry out to the point of smudging. Don’t worry about being too neat here, it all adds to the effect.
Options: Use your original shade to create smaller humps at different points to create a range of hues

You can make a myriad of designs using paint - go geometric with some tape, paint little colourful rainbows, paint the top band and just the saucers for a more trendy look, or use a mix of paint and glitter to make a pretty little pot. The options are endless! And who doesn't like glitter?! 

Elie helped me tape up the pots with painter's tape. (They are slightly crooked, but who cares! It was a great bonding session.) I chose to go for Scandinavian tones to match my decor style. And I love the way they turned out. It's such a useful and thoughtful gift! 

These simple gift ideas are perfect for cheering up any spot around the house as part of Northcote Pottery’s Pots of Hope Campaign. During these uncertain times of isolation, the fun activity encourages people to take time out to create their own pots and display in front gardens and windowsills to brighten up the days of passers-by and post them online using #PotsofHope.

For more inspiration on how to create your own #PotsofHope for the mums in your life this Mother’s
Day visit and @northcotepottery on Instagram, as well as @Growing_Mad and @raniengineer.

Till next time.... wishing every mum, mums-to-be, grandmothers, god mothers and mother figures a very happy Mother's Day!

Thank you to Northcote Pottery for the gorgeous pots and Niall from @Growing_Mad for your inspiring designs!

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