Sunday 3 May 2020

Staycation: Create The Ultimate Media Room

With many of us working from home in these strange times of social distancing and school holidays almost upon us, the creation of a media room could prove invaluable for your family.

The heart of the modern-day home, media rooms are more than just a TV room. With the rise of mini-series and streaming platforms, they not only provide the perfect environment for binge-watching your favourite movie or show, but also add value to your property through an additional living space for family members to enjoy.

When creating the ultimate media room in your home, here are a few key points to consider:

Choosing the Right Space
If you are repurposing a pre-existing room for your new media space, there are a number of key qualities you need to consider.

The shape and size of the room needs to meet the needs of your family. Will it provide ample space for the family to sit? How much natural light does the room let in, and do the windows have appropriate shades to block out the light? Does the room have enough electrical outlets to facilitate the needs of home entertainment systems? Is there an appropriate place to position your screen? All these factors will contribute to the effectiveness of your media room.

Minimise Noise
While an entertainment hub is the ultimate relaxation zone and on many home-owners’ wish-lists, modern sound systems have the potential to noise-pollute the entire house, reducing the effectiveness in the media room. Those who have the luxury of renovating or building their media room should first consider acoustic management of the space. Poor acoustics can amplify background noise and make the most advanced hi-fi equipment sound mediocre. It is important you research products that can aid in the management of acoustics. Gyprock Superchek plasterboard is the premium choice for noise control, allowing you to reduce noise transfer within your home as well as effectively resisting damage caused by soft and hard impact. Its reinforced core is designed to reduce the damage caused by rough play whilst delivering a 15 per cent reduction in perceived loudness through better sound absorption for a quieter, more comfortable home.

Lock Down the Light
Media room lighting is crucial for amplifying the multi-use space. Nothing ruins a good movie more than a glare across the screen, and you need the freedom to let the light in and brighten the room as easily as you darken it. With a multitude of uses intended, it is important to carefully consider things like ambient lighting, easy-use control systems and lighting design to ensure your media room remains practical. Luxaflex® Window Fashions introduced a new level in ultimate darkness that has changed the game in media rooms everywhere. Blocking out maximum natural light, the patented LightLock™ Side Channel System on Luxaflex® Duette® LightLock™ Shades are a stylish addition to the space.
Get Comfortable
Media rooms need to be comfortable, with enough space for all your family members and friends. Consider the amount of seating you will need and choose a comfortable, deep sofa that accommodates for this. Layer with plush elements, like throws, blankets and pillows. You may like to include extra seating, such as an arm chair, with a few nesting tables to create table space for those movie snacks. Home automation also adds to a sense of comfort, and can incorporate everything from your television to the sound system, dropdown media screens, lighting and even your window shades. Luxaflex® Duette® LightLock™ Shades come with Powerview® Motorisation, allowing for complete control and for the creation and scheduling of customised room ‘Scenes’. You could also pre-programme blinds and pair with additional smart technology to reflect different activities or times around the house, using voice technology to implement such scenes as "movie time" to make the entire experience more enjoyable.
Till next time... create the ultimate media room for the entire family to enjoy and have the perfect staycation!

Happy weekend!

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