Thursday 28 May 2020

Styling Your Home and Home Office To Maximise Light and Productivity!

As both working and studying from home becomes the new norm, many of us are pivoting to adopt a refreshed approach to daily routines. Maintaining productivity is crucial for both adults and children in their work and schooling.

According to research, over two-thirds (68%) of Australian employers say their company now allows employees to work remotely, with some 54 per cent of Australians noting they had set up a custom home-office space to accommodate for working from home. Interior Design Expert and TV personality, Neale Whitaker, shares his top tips to creating a home office for the whole family, and the importance of natural light on health, wellness and performance.

What needs to be considered when choosing an appropriate study or office area?
As most of us are currently working from home, it stands to reason that a desk under the stairs or a corner of the kitchen bench no longer cuts it. According to Neale, whilst last year, home office spaces didn’t exactly “sell houses” in the way kitchens and bathrooms do, the drastic changes that have been encountered in the past months have certainly seen a shift in the value of such dedicated spaces. 

When it comes to setting up your home office, ideally, you’ll want to choose a spacious room with plenty of natural light (and a good view, in my personal opinion). This is shown to increase. concentration, decrease distractions and keep you focused for longer, however, do consider how you will manage this light. Window coverings are important for not only style purposes, but also in effectively blocking those glares to computer screens, managing temperatures and keeping you comfortable. You may need to factor in multiple desks or work spaces, so for those without the luxury of a spare room to completely re-do, pick an area that is flexible and away from the hub of the home.

What are some key styling tips to factor in?
The style of your property is very personal, and for most of us, we want to maintain some flow throughout the home. Whilst the eclectic look is trendy, simple and chic is the rule when it comes to creating a sophisticated office space. Less clutter also makes for less distraction. A bright room with lots of light creates a pleasant working environment, and a neutral white backdrop makes for a good starting point. It’s easy to then bring a bit of fun into the office with some colourful accessories and key pieces. 

As mentioned, with bright, airy spaces comes moving sunlight, so it is important to consider how you will manage this as the sun shifts throughout the day. Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings are the perfect choice, seamlessly blending sheers with blinds to create a soft light that allows for privacy without compromising on the warmth of the natural outdoor light. Classically simple, the delicate folds appear to float above the window, allowing light to filter through, or to be completely closed. Their shutter-like effect is very on-trend with today’s interiors. Plus, the brand is Australian made!

Are there any mistakes people make when designing their home office?
It is important to consider how the space will make you feel. It’s easy to open a catalogue and simply pick out a theme to replicate. But if your space doesn’t suit that theme, it can have an unproductive and unappealing effect. An area that isn’t inviting, is too cold or simply uncomfortable and will leave you seeking elsewhere to sit, defeating the purpose of the space altogether. You want to open up the space, not close it off. Again, maximising natural light is a must, as it is known to elevate mood and increase concentration. According to Neale, incorporating a covering like Luxaflex® LumiShade™ is a great option, combining the versatility of a vertical blind with the elegant appeal of a soft window furnishing, letting light in whilst balancing style, durability and practicality to suit any home. 

Also don’t forget comfortable seating. Placing a sofa or creating a window seat is a great idea as it allows you an alternative place to sit when taking calls or needing a change to your desk chair.

What would one consider as non-negotiables?
Adequate desk space and flexibility. According to Neale, there’s nothing worse than feeling confined or restricted in the home, so choose a desk that allows you the freedom to move comfortably. Don’t crowd the room – keep things simple and clean. 

Home automation has become increasingly common, and could be a great asset for the whole family. Through integrated gadgets like Google® Assistant, Apple HomeKit® and Amazon® Alexa®, you can simplify daily tasks through voice technology, from researching questions for homework or work-related activities, to catching up on the latest news, or controlling your window shades. Luxaflex® PowerView® Motorisation allows your shades to function through technology and are compatible with smart assistants. This means you can tell them to open or close on demand, or set more specific scenes, like ‘mid-morning glare’ to close half way, or ‘night time’ for privacy.

Setting aside a bright, calm, inviting space with muted daylight that allows for quiet focus and concentration is essential, especially in households where there are multiple family members, so ensure you style your home and home office to maximise light, efficiency and productivity. 

Till next time... reconfigure your home office and stay safe and stay home.


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