Tuesday 26 July 2016

Kirath Ghundoo's Mismatched Geometric Wallpaper - A Trend to Watch Out For!

Those of you who LOVE wallpaper...get excited! There is a whole new collection of wallpaper designs that is quickly becoming the hottest design trend to watch out for!

Bursting onto the scene just a few years back, Kirath Ghundoo, a surface pattern designer based in the UK is already making waves in the design world with her bespoke mismatched geometric wallpaper designs. Her new wallpaper collection 'Mix 'n' Match 17 Habana Style' pays homage to the colourful culture and imperfect beauty of Cuba. I caught up with Kirath recently to find out how it all began.

Can you share with us your creative journey to where you are now?

I've always had a strong design aesthetic and knew this could only be explored further by starting my own business as opposed to working for another studio. Before I set up my brand I lectured within Art and Design, Printed Textiles and Fashion. Teaching all these fabulous students made me want to go study for my MA Textiles, which is where I set up my brand. I graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2006 with a degree in Printed Textiles. From this point onwards I wasn't to sure about the path I wanted to take, so I worked a few lecturing jobs, travelled and then applied for the MA in 2010. I graduated 2011, created my first wallpaper collection 'Mix 'n' Match 11 and launched at 100% Design, London in September 2011. From there it was crazy! I received much press attention and nominations for big industry awards such as Homes and Garden Young Designer 2012 and ELLE Decoration British Design Nominee 2012. From here the rest is history as they say...
How would you define your style and how has it evolved over the years?

My design style is very organised and meticulous, which is a reflection of the way I approach things in my daily life. For my latest wallpaper collection I am trying to style compositions combining photography, drawing and illustrator. It is inspired by Cuba where everything is beautifully imperfect - the kind of vibe I am trying to achieve! 

What has been the inspiration behind your designs?

I am inspired by anything and everything around me. It may be a spot of colour on the floor, everyday materials from a broken tile to broken glass. I love fashion and being inspired by clothes such as materials choices and colour palettes. Travel is huge inspiration, I have created collections inspired by India, Marrakech and the Maldives. My latest 2017 collection is inspired by Havana, Cuba!

What has been your favourite project to date?

Ahhh there are so many to choose from. I love the bespoke wallpaper projects I am involved in. I have just completed a bespoke reception area utilising my Mix 'n' Match theme for a new set of flats including designing the wallpaper for the 24 flats. Can't wait to see the finished results. I loved working on a bespoke surface pattern project for a Wax Revolution in Mexico. The brief was left open to design four feature walls and a reception area.

What is a typical workday like for you?

Everyday varies, depending on the types of jobs that have come in. Normally I firstly check emails, work on marketing across social media and prepare any material to showcase upcoming launches for new products or surface collaborations. If I have a bespoke wallpaper project I organise meetings with clients and go visit their spaces. If i am doing a trade show, it's manic...organising everything alongside juggling design work, press and marketing is crazy. Help from my wonderful team always makes everything more manageable.
Can you describe the design process?

Starts with photography mainly, from these I sketch up ideas. Devise a mood board/colour themes. Start creating in illustrator for geometric shapes sometimes using photoshop too - this is the design process for creating a wallpaper collection.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on a new range of self adhesive graphics for Blik in LA. A mix n match reception wall area for a new development of flats and a bespoke wallpaper for an office in Finland. My new collection is underway also!

What according to you is next big thing in surface pattern design?

Marbling and photographic imitations of real surfaces such as concrete and tiles. These are being used in many different forms from wallpapers to flooring.

What advice can you give those seeking a career in surface pattern design?

Prepare to work hard and make yourself known! Have a USP, what's different about your brand compared to others?

What 3 words describe you?

Fun, creative, spontaneous!

Can you share 3 things people don’t know about you?

If I did...then you would know! Ha!

What are your 3 favourite materials to work with?

Photography, Illustrator and Pencil

What is your favourite room in your home and why?

My kitchen, its clean, fresh and open plan. Great for socialising and cooking which I love.

Where do you see Kirath Ghundoo Surface Pattern Designs in five years time?

I'd love to be working on some high profile projects with hotels and restaurants worldwide. Bespoke designing is where I see my business heading, I really love these kind of projects. Hopefully travelling a lot more with work and making sure the next 5 years will be bigger and just as exciting as the last!

Kirath's wallpaper designs range from quirky, bold and eclectic to those reflecting a subtle and minimal Scandinavian style to create individual and bespoke interior spaces. Visit Kirath's website here to see past and current collections.
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