Monday 11 July 2016

Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New Home

Buying or even renting a home can be stressful. Moreover, sorting, cleaning, packing, moving and unpacking can be very demanding. To take the stress out of moving day it’s important to be organised. Our guest author Diana has some handy tips on things to do before you move into you new home.

Life while moving house can be stressful. You have to search the real estate market to find a suitable house you can call your home. Moreover, you need to look into how well connected your new house is with the rest of the city. Your new house should reflect what you want from a warm home and a place where you can really kick back and enjoy life.

Here is a checklist of To Do's to get you organised before you move into your new home.

Inspect Your New Home 
Many buyers make serious mistakes when inspecting the house for issues and inconsistencies. Do not be afraid to ask questions and to be really nosy when checking out every corner of the house. Be sure to look into every nook and cranny in order to be certain that there is indeed nothing wrong with the house, and that it is ready for negotiations. 
Change the Locks
It goes without saying that you need to check the locks, not only to see if they are working, but to ensure that the ex‐owners do not have a copy of the keys to come in at will. After all, you need to feel secure at home, unless you change the locks, you might not feel like you are completely safe. Furthermore, you cannot be certain for sure who else has keys to the house, and you do not want to run into someone unfamiliar in the middle of the night. 

Check the Neighbours 
Before you buy or rent, it is a good idea see if the new neighbourhood is a good fit for you and your family. Prior to moving in take your time to familiarise yourself with the neighbourhood. Create an opportunity to meet and greet your new neighbours. Get to know your neighbours however it is important to remember that many people value their privacy. 

Clean Up Everything before the Move
It is better to try and clean up everything before you move your things in as it could become exhausting and demanding to do once everything is set up. Though is a tedious and time‐consuming task, it is important to give your new home a thorough once over. Moreover, keep in mind that you can hire help for waste removal you cannot get rid of yourself. 

Repaint the Walls 
Even if you like the current d├ęcor in the house, it may lack something that makes it feel homey. A simple paint job can help you feel more at home. On the other hand, by taking part in the painting process, you can also check for any issues with the walls and find a solution to fix them, if you run into any. Be sure to paint everything before you move in and have enough time for the paint to dry.

Install New Light Bulbs
Even though it is an investment, it is vital that you change the existing lights with more eco‐friendly ones. In the long run, it will save you money and lower your overall electricity consumption. Moreover, check the electrical installations prior to moving in as some could be old and in dire need of an upgrade. Old electrical installations could prove to be a fire hazard waiting to happen. 

Change Your Address
Do not leave it to the last minute to change your address as all of your bills might go to the wrong place, and in the long run, it could rack up a debt for you. Moreover, check with the local authorities which official documents need to be changed to avoid any problems. 

When you check your new house and ensure that it is indeed what you want, then all that remains is to move your belongings and set everything up. Keep in mind that your initial set‐up will probably change a number of times as you get to know your new home and find the best arrangement for all your furniture and belongings. In the end, though, you will have your dream house and a place you can really call your home. 

Hope you found this post on things to do before you move into your new home helpful and inspiring. If you have any handy tips on moving houses, share with us in the comments below. Till next time...
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About the Author
Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls, in love with interior design and DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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