Thursday 8 September 2016

Add Mid-Century Modern Style to Your Home!

Mid-Century Modern is all about clean, crisp and sleek lines, a design style that is no nonsense but bursting with personality.

This iconic design style is largely influenced by the use of statement pieces such as metallic Sputnik chandeliers, bubble lights, artichoke pendants, Arco floor lamps, atomic clocks and sunburst patterns, mirrors, danish lounge chairs, sleek credenzas and sideboards, sculptural armchairs, heavy textural rugs and futuristic, graphic, bold and vibrant artwork. The use of brass and gold add to the understated elegance and subtle luxury of this design style along with classical mid-century walnut furniture, symmetrical cabinetry and sculptural décor that incorporated into modern design can create a cool vibe in any room.

Here is a carefully curated collection of the best of mid-century modern design inspiration starting from a gorgeous entryway all the way to a stylish patio and everything in between!
[ENTRYWAY - source]

[LIVING ROOM - source]

[KITCHEN - source]

[DINING ROOM - source]


[BATHROOM - source]

[GUEST BEDROOM - source]

[NURSERY - source]

[HOME OFFICE - source]

[PATIO - source]

There is absolutely no doubt that mid-century mod homes are always stunning. To evoke a mid-mod feel incorporate a few sleek elements in your décor. Choose statement pieces such as a classic credenza, a sunburst mirror, a striking atomic chandelier, a couple of sumptuous velvet throw cushions and a few gilded accessories to pull this look together. Pair sleek white with mid-century elements to modernise the style.

This design style is the perfect combination of form and function that creates visual interest in any interior or exterior space. There are so many reasons to fall in love with the beautiful and timeless Mid-Century Modern design.

So what do you think about Mid-Century Modern design style? Like it, Love it or Hate it? Share with us in the comments below.

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