Tuesday 6 September 2016

Evoking an INDIGO Mood!

We've all heard this a million times that colour has an effect on our mood and feelings. Some colours make us feel comfortable and at ease, whereas others are a complete turn off. A colour that has captured the attention of millions throughout the ages and has a profound meaning in many indigenous cultures is Indigo.

Indigo is a colour that combines a deep, rich blue with shades of violet. According to Colour Psychology, Indigo is a colour of the mind and evokes creativity and is associated with deep spirituality and meditation. It's no wonder that most of us gravitate towards this beautiful and stately shade of blue.

It is however, a dark and moody shade and most people find it daunting to paint a room, even a wall in Indigo. To give your confidence a boost, we've gathered a few gorgeous Indigo rooms that have captivated our attention.
Indigo can be dramatic or tranquil depending on how and where you use this shade. It works well in both masculine and feminine rooms. It is a popular belief that painting a room in a dark colour can make it feel cramped. Contrary to this, walls painted in dark hues such as indigos, emerald greens, charcoals recede, creating a sense of space and adds bags of personality to an otherwise ordinary room with a safe colour palette. Dark walls form the perfect backdrop for furniture, flooring, art and accessories and you can choose to be as extravagant or minimalist, depending on your individual flair and design style. Paired with warm timber, gold or brass accents and white accessories, Indigo creates a unique and fresh, rich statement style in any room!

So don't be intimidated by this deep and striking colour. Give Indigo a fair go, maybe as a feature wall? After all it's just paint. If it's not for you, you can easily paint over it!

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