Wednesday 14 September 2016

Golden & Glamorous!

From historical Victorian designs to iconic Mid Century Modern styles to Contemporary interiors, gold has played a significant role in every design era. According to several style trend forecasts, gold will continue to be on trend in 2017, although moving away from the shiny polished look to a more aged, matte patina. Gold is a warm metal due to its yellow hue and imparts a cosy yet rich and luxurious look. Eye-catching gold accented furniture, eclectic gold cushions or just a few gilded frames and accessories can instantly dress up a corner or a room. To introduce gold into your home décor, here are a few How To tips.

Make a style statement
Gold can create a "wow" effect in a room with very little effort. A statement furniture piece upholstered in dark matte gold or gold-pattern wallpaper on a feature wall or a gold light fixture or pendant can instantly glam up a room.

Start small
If you're unsure of how much is too much gold and you are worried about going OTT, start small. Introduce a few gilded pieces in your décor and build it up as you go. Small accessories are easier to change and move around than bigger furniture pieces. Gilded ceramic plates, table ware, antique trays, photo frames or candlesticks are perfect to build up your confidence when decorating with this rich glimmering metal.

Mix n Match
You don't have to go all victorian to introduce gold into your home. Just like in fashion, gold goes with almost everything. Mixing and matching is the key to creating a special and interesting space. Mix contemporary features with aged gold accents to introduce a glamorous patina to your home design. A mid century modern gold-and-glass bar cart in a modern living space is a definite conversation starter! Hang an antique gilded mirror with contemporary art to create an interesting gallery wall. A gold leaf side table adds levity to a space and layering tactile textiles such as wool, suede, velvet, mohair, linen helps to create contrast with the metallic accents and softens the space.

Just like jewellery
Use gold accents just as you would for dressing up an outfit. Balance it out to create interest without  looking garish. Gold can glam up a dull space instantly like a small jewellery catching dish on the nightstand, a key dish in the foyer, a brass desk lamp in the study, gold dipped bulbs for the kitchen or gold taps in an all white bathroom.

It's all in the details
Small details like gold or brass drawer pulls on kitchen cabinets or wardrobe door handles can add a touch of elegance and luxury. A gold towel rack in the bathroom or a brass door knocker can make all the difference when paying attention to the small details in your interior design.

Check out our curated collection of fabulous examples of using gold accents and furniture and be inspired to go golden and glamorous in your home!

So much prettiness to look at! So are you inspired to add a little or a lot of luminous gold to your décor? Do you use gold accents when decorating? Share with us!

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