Friday 17 March 2017

5 Ways to Transform Your Home Into an Interior Designer's Dream!

Anyone who has attempted to give their home a designer makeover will tell you, there is a fine line between sterile vs. minimalist, OTT vs. classy or shabby vs. chic.

We all desire our guests to marvel at the stylish elegance of our living spaces, yet feel comfortable enough to kick their shoes off and stay a while. This effortless beauty ironically can take a great deal of planning and thought!

The fact is, every room is basically just a rectangular shell. Whether you live in a mansion or a tiny shoebox, the basic principles are the same and every room has the potential to be stunning. Just like us, these rooms sometimes need a little cosmetic makeup and accessories to showcase their best assets to the forefront whilst minimising the negatives.

As an interior stylist, I can confidently state that there are a few staple features which every designer loves to work with. Incorporate some of these into your home and you are well on your way to being the envy of all who drop by. Our guest contributor Rebecca has compiled a list of the five most popular features you can incorporate to transform your home into an interior designer's dream!

Warm and inviting
Often sought but rarely found these days is the elegant beauty and ambience of an open fireplace. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love the warm, welcoming crackle and earthy woody aroma an open fire exudes.

Don’t fancy feeding a log fire? Then a gas fire can be a pleasant alternative.

Choosing a fireplace for your Melbourne abode opens up a myriad of choices including:
-  The imperious elegance of French Provincial
-  Italian stone
-  Rustic country look
-  Australian sandstone
-  Georgian
-  Regency
-  Contemporary

The options are as endless as your imagination. One thing is certain, if you a looking to make a statement in your home, a fireplace may just be the best place to begin.

Picture perfect panelling
Panelling goes under a number of different names including wainscoting and beading but they all add up to gorgeous, as can be seen in the below image. Whilst professionals experienced in installing various types of paneling exist, you can also get a reasonable effect through the use of DIY textured wallpaper - at a fraction of the cost. 

Windows - the eyes to your home
Personally, I'm not a fan of aluminium window frames as the aspect of a lovely home can be instantly destroyed by these ‘serviceable’ inclusions. However, there are a few aluminium industrial options that do look good.

Sash windows, french doors, arches and stained glass are essential when attempting to reproduce a classically elegant appeal in your home. Personally, I adore round windows thoughtfully placed to display a picture perfect garden aspect. The arch window has come and gone through various fashion trends but the round window has held it’s ground.

Home salvage sites can be a great source of reclaimed building materials, especially if you are looking to reintroduce period features which may have been removed at an earlier date.

Fascinating facades - adding architectural features
The use of columns in architecture can add a regal charm to any room. They need not be integral to the structure of a house and can be added retrospectively to doorways and entries.
Also consider architectural features such as:
- fretwork in hallways
- stained glass in feature doors or windows
- panelled doors
- vintage door hardware
- window seats
- skylights

Doorways to delight
The first impression of your home is often your doorway. A double entrance door immediately sets the tone and flow of your home which just can’t be recreated with a single door. Double internal doors can provide an open plan feel as well as zoned living, simply by opening or closing them. 

The use of internal glass panelled doors can introduce light into dark, gloomy halls and studies with either clear or frosted glass, depending on your privacy needs.

If you aspire to design or own an enviable home then the above features will definitely put you on the right course. Remember it is all about synergy between your lighting, your colour palette and your features. Get the combination just right, and even the simplest home can be transformed into a breathtaking showpiece.

Till next time... start planning the perfect transformation!


About the Author
Rebecca is a writer living in Melbourne with expertise in creating witty, insightful and engaging content. Her articles have been published widely and she is a prolific contributor on social media platforms.

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