Thursday 23 March 2017

How To Breathe New Life Into Your Backyard

When you’re bored with your backyard it becomes easy to overlook the fact that it can be one of the most social or relaxing spaces in your home. Dinner parties, lazy afternoons reading, sunbathing or gardening to grow fresh food are just some of the many benefits to having a backyard. Not to mention, if you have a family, the backyard can be the setting of countless cherished memories as you watch your children play and grow.

Updating your backyard doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Here are a few simple ideas put together by our guest contributor Kayla to breathe new life back into your garden!

Lively lighting
The easiest way to give your backyard an entirely new feel is to play with the lighting. Sure, you can enjoy the sun all day, but at twilight or night, a little mood lighting can go a long way. Garden lights, whether soft hanging lights or functional illuminating lights, set the tone for your backyard after dark. Hang decorative string lights for a more romantic or festive mood or a feature light for a swoonworthy designer look. For safety and functional purposes use overhead or ground lighting to illuminate your backyard for night time entertaining and fun.

Go green
Some strategic gardening can turn your backyard into an enchanting and functional space. Whether you choose a vertical garden on a deck, a few hanging plants or an entire garden bed, plants will add new life to your outdoor area. Grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs or vines to cover your yard in greenery. Moreover you’ll have the added benefit of fresh greenery, whether as a centrepiece bouquet or as a meal for your table! 

Refurbished floor
Give your backyard a facelift (or a foot lift) by changing up the flooring. If you already have a deck, add a patterned rug on top of it. If your yard is just grass, try building a deck for outdoor entertaining. Is your yard not so much a yard as it is a courtyard? Lay down some fake grass for a fresh, outdoorsy upgrade in the midst of city living or pave a part of the lawn with some rustic bricks for a provincial country appeal. A new surface under your feet will completely change the look and feel of your outdoor space! 

A cozy corner
Lounging in the sun, reading in a hammock and drinking a cocktail doesn’t have to just be reserved for vacations. Set up your own backyard retreat by choosing a relaxing corner of your yard to hang a hammock. You’ll be able to have your own little getaway, any time you want! All you have left to do is find someone to bring you those cocktails...!

Bold and bright
Generally, the colour scheme in a backyard can be pretty limited to greens and browns. Add some strategic colour to your backyard upgrade. Colourful accent pieces add bold and bright texture to your landscape. Add colour with furniture, cushions, hanging lights, sun umbrellas, flower beds and various decorative pieces. Pops of colour make your backyard feel festive, and you won’t even have to decorate for those summer barbecues

Stepping stones
Do you feel like your backyard is just a bland patch of grass? Is keeping all that grass fresh and watered a nightmare? Add a stone patio or pathway to your yard! Stone will break up your yard in an interesting way, especially combined with a few gardening features, making you feel like you have your own little private park. Also replacing grass with stone will keep your water bill down and help the environment as you won’t have to waste as much water trying to keep your grass green. 

These are some fantastic and easy DIY tips to upgrade your backyard design from just functional to designer worthy in just one weekend! So don’t let your backyard continue to bore you with mundane practicality. With a few simple upgrades and style tweaks, your backyard can become a functional yet elegant retreat you won’t want to leave! 

Till next time... create a stylish oasis in your backyard!


About the Author
Kayla is a versatile content writer with a penchant for the world of digital marketing. With work spanning a variety of fields and businesses spanning across Australia, Kayla is always looking for something new to get excited about.

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