Thursday 16 March 2017

How to Discover Your Own Style and Ditch Design Clichés!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering a complementary interior decorating scheme for your home. Whether you’re going at it alone, or enlisting the help of a Melbourne-based property stylist, it’s always good to know how to avoid being sucked into interior fads and design clichés. Not only do certain fashionable yet short lived trends and design clichés fail to stand the test of time, they can often be quite expensive to achieve.

So, if you’re looking for tips on how to achieve an aesthetically pleasing space that you’ll enjoy living in, read on as our guest contributor Emily, discusses five foolproof ways of discovering your own personal style.

Listen to your gut
First and foremost, it’s essential that you listen to your gut when considering how to decorate your home. After all, it’s you who will have to live with your design decisions or interior decoration mistakes. If you see a piece you’d like to incorporate into your interior scheme, ask yourself why.

Why are you drawn to the piece?
Is it just because it’s currently all the rage or will it be something that you will still enjoy in the next 2 to 3 years? What will the piece bring to your interior scheme? What does the piece say about you? Trust your instinct and try to make your design decisions true to yourself rather than what is considered to be currently trendy or fashionable.

Consider your lifestyle
Decorate and style your home so that it suits your family's lifestyle.

Sure, the minimalist rooms in interior magazines look great, but this may be an unachievable style to maintain if you lead a busy family lifestyle. If you tend to have a large number of decorative accessories and objects that you love, don’t feel that it’s necessary to hide all of them away.

Think of creative ways of displaying your belongings such as keepsakes or even the children's drawings or paintings. These special belongings will give your design scheme a sense of authenticity and true personality!

Quality always beats quantity
It can take longer than expected to create an interior design scheme you're truly happy with.

Try to avoid panic buying cheap pieces to fill the space, instead opt for better quality items that best reflect your individual tastes.

If you have fallen in love with a piece of furniture, but it’s a little out of your price range at the moment, go without it for a while and save up instead of compromising and substituting it with a inferior alternative that will not stand the test of time. Doing so will mean you gain a piece you're likely to love for years. Buying less but better also usually works out cheaper long term.

If in doubt, under-decorate
Following on from the previous point, do not feel the need to complete your interior scheme in one go. Take time to identify what the space needs to make it liveable; what’s missing, what needs to go? Edit, edit, edit the space. If you’ve not yet found the perfect art piece to hang on the main wall, simply leave it blank until you find a piece you truly fall in love with.

Be proud of your unique taste
Instead of worrying about what others may think of how you choose to decorate your home, be proud of how you express your own unique personality through your interior scheme. If there’s a piece or colour you love, then use it!

Perhaps it’s a family heirloom; give it pride of place and do not be afraid of letting it influence the rest of the design scheme. Your home should reflect you so stop comparing your home to others. If your choices make you feel comfortable, happy and inspired, then you have succeeded! If you feel relaxed and comfortable, your guests will feel the same. 

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that there is no right and wrong choices when it comes to interior decoration and styling. It is all about balance! Choosing pieces you love, instead of what is considered to be currently fashionable means that you create an inspiring space that both you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Till next time... ditch the clichés and embrace your unique style!


About the Author
Emily is a freelance writer, blogger and dog lover hailing from England. Currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Emily is constantly looking for something new to get excited about.

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