Wednesday 29 March 2017

Get Bathroom Renovation Jobs DONE This Easter

With the popularity of reality TV shows like The Block and House Rules skyrocketing and sites such as Pinterest, there’s no dearth of ideas when it comes to home design. Although bathroom renovations are the most complicated to tackle, the end result is also very rewarding. However, often the biggest problem when it comes to tackling small home renos, is finding the time. Today, we have experts from Caroma on La Maison Jolie, sharing their list of smart, simple, cost effective and stylish bathroom renovation ideas to complete over the Easter long weekend.

Lucky for you, Easter is like two weeks in one. With four free days, you’ve now got even more time to get stuck into some home improvement projects. Why not make the most of your weekend by rolling up your sleeves or scheduling a contractor and getting handy with these six projects that could be completed over the long weekend.

Change the vanity or basin
This is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom an upgrade and it can be done in one weekend. It’s true; you can never have enough storage – especially in a bathroom – so think about ways to increase it with a new bathroom vanity or basin. If you’re going for a larger unit, measure your entire space to ensure you have enough room for the vanity itself and its installation. Keeping your vanity in it's existing position means you shouldn’t have to spend money on having your plumbing repositioned.
Change fittings
An easy way to get that modern look around the home is to make small changes with styles that are on trend at the moment. Introduce warm tones, crisp lines and statement features, by changing the tapware or shower head to create an elegant and contemporary finish. Consider a bold statement with a matte black tap or bronze shower head with a contrasting background.

Restore grout
A top-to-bottom clean and declutter is one of the most powerful ways to refresh a bathroom. However, no amount of cleaning will fix stained, discoloured grout. Fortunately, grout pens exist and you can choose white for a just-like-new look or totally change the look of your white tiled walls by using a black grout pen.

Get painting
For a low-cost, high-impact update, grab a pot of paint in a striking colour and turn a plain wall into a show-stopping, statement wall that will never be overlooked again. Tip: use painter’s tape to keep your ceilings and doors smudge free.

Add new lighting
New light fixtures are an easy way to change the way the rooms in your home look, without all the hassle of completely redecorating. While you’re replacing the existing fixture, update the bulbs you’re using as well. Energy saving lamps can help the rooms look brighter and help you save money. Sounds like a good trade-off for a weekend’s worth of work, doesn’t it?

Introduce some stand out accessories
Be bold and bring some unexpected home accessories into your bathroom. A woven rug, a beautiful plant or even multiple mirrors. Or why not go all out and add some statement artwork?

Go beyond the usual changing the bath mat, upcycling the soap dish or making a DIY shower or bath caddy and really elevate your bathroom with a stylish and cost effective renovation this Easter weekend! Let this compilation by Caroma inspire you to pick up the tape measure and drill and put it to good use. 

Till next time... get your bathroom renovations done this Easter!

This post was provided by Caroma. Caroma are at the forefront of local and international shifts in design to ensure that the products they bring to the market match Australian expectations and their signature way of life. To find out more about the Caroma range, please visit or call 13 14 16. 

I only ever endorse products that I think are genuinely amazing and I love and would personally use.

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