Tuesday 9 May 2017

A Guide to Styling A Beautiful Bedroom

When styling your bedroom the main goal is to create a relaxing, luxurious and ever so personal sanctuary. The great thing about styling a bedroom is that it’s often a room that only you get to enjoy and therefore you can design it any which way you desire to create whatever mood you wish.

Below are some simple and smart styling tips by our guest contributor Emily to inspire you to create the bedroom that dreams are made of.

It's all about the lighting
As with any area of the home, lighting is key to setting the correct atmosphere.

Try to avoid harsh unnatural lighting wherever possible. Bedside lamps, designer light globes and candles are often all that's needed to create an ambient room that feels calming, comfortable and cosy. You can also control the lighting with your choice of window coverings.

If your space is full of natural light you may choose to leave your windows uncovered or use semi-sheer materials in order to make use of the natural sunlight. If you’re aiming to keep the light to a minimum then choose blinds and curtains made of thicker fabrics that will also give the space a beautiful textured feel.

Add comfort with a rug
If your room has a tiled, wooden or hard floor then one way to add a touch of comfort is by adding a cosy rug. Rugs are an excellent way of adding colour, texture and layers to a room. When choosing a rug consider the size, shape and design that will best work for your bedroom. If you’re working with a small space and do not want the rug to overpower the room choose a subtle design in colours that compliment the floors and walls. If the room is quite large then do not be afraid to let your rug be a bold design statement.

Pick a design theme
One way to ensure your room looks impeccably styled is by sticking to a specific design theme. Many of us tend to think that only children’s bedrooms should be themed. However, making sure that all of your decorative aspects work harmoniously is a surefire way to creating a strong interior look.

When considering a theme remember that it does not need to be too obvious. Sometimes, subtle design themes such as small metallic details throughout the area or sticking to different shades of a single colour can make a show stopping style statement.

Choose statement pieces wisely
Even the most minimalist design schemes require at least one statement piece.

When choosing standout pieces such as furniture, bold textile prints, unusual fabrics or artwork or feature walls try not to go overboard. Adding too many accent items can make a room look busy and disorganised.

Add a little greenery
Adding plants to the bedroom not only looks fantastic but can help to clean the air and create a calm environment. Flowering plants can be used to add pops of colour to a neutral space whilst giving off a beautiful scent. Whilst green plants can give an effortless, organic vibe making a room look clean and fresh. If your room doesn’t get much natural sunlight it may be best to choose a strong indoor plant that requires little light. Cacti and succulents are also a great choice for bedroom plants as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also require very little maintenance. If you are after aesthetically pleasing plants, the fiddle leaf fig and certain indoor palms are very popular choices.

I hope the above styling tips has given you food for thought and has inspired you to restyle your bedroom. Just a few small changes to the design of your sleep space can make a real difference to the overall look and feel of the room.

Till next time... it's time to restyle your bedroom!


About the Author
Emily is a freelance writer, blogger and dog lover hailing from England. Currently based in Melbourne, Emily is constantly looking for something new to get excited about.

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