Monday 15 May 2017

Pantone Releases Colour Trend Predictions for 2018

While we're still figuring out how to use 'greenery', Pantone's Colour of the year for 2017, the international authority on colour have already released their colour forecast for 2018! So if you are thinking to yourself time's flying! are absolutely right!

At the International Home & Housewares Show held earlier this year in Chicago, Pantone Colour Institute's Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman shared the colour and design trends for 2018.

Each Pantone colour has been given a philosophy behind the palette illustrating each shade.

The colour palette forecasted for 2018 has something for everyone - lifestyle colours, seasonal inspirations, colour harmonies for textiles and products, cosmetics and of course for interior and industrial design.

Among the colour and design trends Leatrice Eiseman shared are eight distinctively designed palettes. They are:

This palette is made up of complementary blue and orange colors. “This is quite an interesting color combination,” said Eiseman. “It combines warm and cool tones that you just can’t avoid looking at it.”

Vegetal colors like Celery are combined with berry-infused purples and eggshell blue, symbolic of health, in this palette.

Think "Minions." Bright yellow, lime popsicle, and all other things fun come together for this color scheme. "People need to stop and smile," said Eiseman.

Playful's alter ego. Subtle hues such as Elderberry and Hawthorne Rose offer a new sense of strength. "Pink has developed more power than ever before," said Eiseman.

With warm, earthy hues such as Cornsilk Yellow blending with rosy tones, this palette "reaches out and embraces many different cultures," said Eiseman.

A palette of neutral metallics (aka, the "new neutrals") with accents of dramatic Holly Berry Red and yellow Sulfur.

This is an eclectic mix of colors that evokes a sense of strength, power and sophistication, all balanced with black and gold.

Bright turquoise, pink and purple colors anchored with Brilliant White and Frosted Almond nod to technology. This palette is all about hues "that seem to shine from within," said Eiseman.

Top row: Vedure, Playful, Discretion, TECH-nique | Bottom row: Far-Fetched, Resourceful, Intricacy, Intensity

So which one's our favourite?
It's so hard to pick just one colour group but subtle hues like Elderberry and Hawthorne Rose from Discretion and neutral metallics with accents of Holly Berry Red and yellow Sulfur from Intricacy would have to be the standouts! Also joining the list are the bright turquoises, pinks and purples complemented with Brilliant Whites and Frosted Almonds from TECH-nique, an extraordinary collection of beautiful hues!

In 2017, the colours forecasted for the year were Day Dreaming, At Ease, Native Instincts, Florabundant, Acquired Taste, Reminiscence, Raw Materials, Forest Bathing and Graphic Imprints. If you want to refresh your memory on each colour philosophy and story, you can view it here- Pantone's Colour Forecast for 2017.
So which is your favourite shade from Pantone's Colour Trend Predictions for 2018? Share with us in the comments below. Needless to say we'll update you as soon as Pantone releases the much awaited 2018 Colour of The Year.

Till next time... whether you like it or not... 'greenery' is here to stay for another 7 months!


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