Wednesday 3 May 2017

Style Trend Alert: The Return of Rattan!

Rattan is no longer the dusty old wicker furniture your nanna had in the her home. It's cool, it's trendy and it's back! Very popular in the 70s, rattan is definitely making a huge comeback into our homes with a new lease on life. Whatever your design style - country, classic, contemporary, coastal, French Provincial, bohemian, Scandinavian or Hamptons, this classic medium can add a stylish element to any home.

Rattan has been given a fresh urban makeover! It now fits in seamlessly with other pieces of furniture you may have in your home and actually complements the overall design! From its traditional role in the guest bedroom as a corner chair or as the conservative patio furniture, rattan has evolved to include everything from statement bedheads, chests of drawers, cupboards, coffee tables, dining tables, dining chairs, daybeds, light pendants, cribs, storage baskets and much more. 

High quality and sustainable rattan furniture is primarily sourced from Indonesia, Burma and India. Rattan products are textural, classic and add organic interest to any interior space. Stylists love rattan because it is timeless, durable, can be mixed and matched up with existing pieces of furniture and best of all it can be used as a feature piece in any room like the peacock chair. 

There are so many designs and products available in rattan. However there are a few tips to remember when styling with rattan furniture or fixtures in your home.

Add Warmth
Natural and organic rattan furniture can add heaps of warmth and texture to areas that have abundance of metal, stone or tiles. 

Colour & Finish
Since rattan furniture is now available in a myriad of colours and finishes- black, whitewash, walnut and oak or weathered, there is something to fit any interior design.
Find Your Style
Think about the overall style of your home before you buy a piece. Every piece has a certain style slant. For example: The wicker-backed winged chair is more French Provincial than Bohemian. A rope-wave patterned chaise or chest is more Hamptons than contemporary. 
If looked after and used indoors, rattan furniture will last forever!

If you are looking for good quality and beautiful rattan furniture, some of my favourite shops are Flamingo Road, The Family Love Tree, Provincial Living and Byron Bay Hanging Chairs. Or if you are in the mood to upcycle, sometimes op shops like Salvos and Brotherhood of St Lawrence also have some really cool and vintage rattan furniture and baskets. 

Do you have rattan pieces in your home? Or would you like to? Share with us in your comments below.

Till next time... time to get that dusty rattan rockingchair out of storage!

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