Monday 22 May 2017

A Step By Step Guide For A Complete Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of any home! It's the entertaining hub, the congregation centre, a place of solitude to sit and relax with a cup of tea and magazine or a place for the kids to work on their school homework. It is a place where the entire family gathers everyday for meals and where many amazing memories are made!

If your kitchen is old, outdated or just falling apart, chances are that it needs a complete overhaul. Remodelling of the complete kitchen requires making lots of important and imperative decisions. You have to decide on the budget, which kind of kitchen you want, what appliances should be bought, layout of the kitchen, cabinetry, surfaces, lighting, etc. It can all get a little overwhelming! So today, we have guest contributor Daisy, sharing a step by step guide to a complete kitchen remodel. 

Step 1: Information required for the remodelling
Remodelling of the kitchen requires some generic information:

~ The current size of the kitchen area
~ Current layout
~ Direction of the kitchen to maximise daylight and ventilation
~ Lifestyle requirements and how many members you have in your family
~ The budget allocated towards the build
~ Current condition of the kitchen

Once you have answers for these questions then you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Research, plan and gather inspiration
Research and planning are the first steps of completing any task. Plan your dream kitchen and gather inspiration from various sources. Think about what you are looking for, your lifestyle requirements, colours that you would like to see in your kitchen, the budget allocated towards the build, the amount of storage that you would like, maybe also a butler's pantry or a pull out cupboard and surfaces and splashbacks that you want.

Step 3: Hire a remodelling company
No doubt right now the market is full of DIY remodelling kits however having an expert eases the roadblocks. Hiring experts - a renovation or remodelling company to carry out the renovation of your kitchen is the smart way to go, especially if you need to change the entire layout of the kitchen which would mean changes to the plumbing and gas lines and electrical outlets. While choosing a company, it is essential to look for their certifications, licenses and their portfolio of previous work. 

Step 4: Designs for the kitchen
If you wish to design the kitchen by yourself then you can look online for ideas and inspiration otherwise your remodelling company can help you with the designs matching your lifestyle and budget and various aspects of the remodelling. Ask them for a design consult and sit down with the designer to measure and create your dream kitchen. Spatial planning, colour and material selection are three main factors which you must discuss with the experts.

Step 5: Decide the layout
You know the area, budget, design and condition of the kitchen hence you can decide on the layout that suits your lifestyle. If your dream kitchen can be planned in the current layout and area then it's great, if not then ask the remodelling company about the options and costs to change the layout of the complete kitchen to make it more efficient and seamless. This is the time to add in that butler's pantry that you have always wanted! Choose a design that will stand the test of time at least for the next ten years or will add to the value of your property if you were to sell your home.

Step 6: Choose appliances and execute the build
Decide on the appliances and finishes you want in your kitchen. If you have small children think about getting ovens with a safety glass and child lock. If you are a budding chef, you may want professional appliances or if you hardly cook at home, your needs will be different. Also think about the tapware, kitchen sinks and deep drawers for easy storage. You many want a stone or marble bench top or a concrete or timber counter depending on your style of kitchen. Discuss and choose appropriate lighting for your kitchen and think about the placement of the light pendants. Once you have decided on all the little details and have discussed the same with the design experts, your kitchen renovation is ready for execution. 

There are many kitchen-remodeling professionals available in the market, and you can ask for specific services and check their pricing policies and quotes before you make the final call. 

If you have any questions regarding kitchen renovations, let us know in the comments below and we'll try and answer them with the help of experts.

Till next time... good luck with your kitchen reno!

About the Author
Daisy Andrew is a knowledgeable and qualified blogger. who loves writing about Home Improvement, Pet, Food, Automotive, Business, Health and Lifestyle.


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