Wednesday 18 October 2017

8 Beautiful Hotel Bathrooms To Inspire You!

Are you looking to freshen up your bathroom? Are you planning a total redesign? To inspire you, today's guest contributor Carmela has rounded up 8 stunning hotel and home-rental bathrooms from around the world, focusing on tiling, this year’s colour trends, and different style bathtubs and finishes. From the perfect way to use grout tiling, through to deep set-floor-tubs, here are our top 8 picks.

Dark Grout Tiles
Dark and contrasting grout tiling is one of this year’s hottest trends. White tiles, with black or charcoal grout, have been appearing all over Instagram, Pinterest and in the trendiest bars and restaurants. If you’re looking for the perfect grout-tile-inspiration, look no further than the Ludlow Hotel in New York. The bathrooms in the hotel feature beautifully grout-tiled walls alongside white bathroom features that have slim gold trimmings. One of the great things about dark grout is that you can get away with cleaning your bathroom less often, as dirt is not as noticeable. So why not embrace your “inner lazy self”, and embrace the trend?

Rough Stone
The bathrooms at the Gora Kadan Hotel in Hakone, Japan, are full of inspiration for simple bathroom designs that create a lot of Zen. One of the bathrooms in the hotel features a stunning, open-air bath tub that is made from rough, dark gray stone. Why not renovate your bathroom at home with a lick of fresh white paint and faux rough stone touches to create a spa like experience. Keep the accessories simple -- less is more. 

Deep Floor Tub
Have you considered fitting in a deep-soak-tub in your bathroom? Take your inspiration from ‘I Love Amsterdam Suite’ in Amsterdam’s Conservatorium hotel. The hotel is a 19th-century building, and the bathroom comes complete with original dark wooden beams, slanted ceilings and light sandstone-colored walls and floor. The center-piece of the bathroom is a stunning deep soak tub that is set into the floor. 

The Color Brown Is ‘In’
Most people would turn their back on the idea of a ‘brown bathroom’, but we’ve found something that might change your mind. The VIK Millahue hotel in Chile showcases the successful use of the colour brown in a bathroom. The hotel, which is set in a vineyard, features an incredible brown bathroom, with a 6ft beech-wood bath tub that’s shaped like a canoe. The bath has been attached to both sides of the bathroom and hovers above the floor. It’s been paired with musky-brown tiled walls and dark-brown finishes. Who would have thought a brown bathroom could look so enticing? 

Round Tubs
Round bathtubs are always a good choice as they make a bathroom look gentle and welcoming. The bathrooms at the Ponta dos Ganchos resort in Brazil feature stunning round tubs, in which you could spend hours unwinding. The tranquil bathtub is paired with paneled walls and flooring. It features an incredible floor to ceiling window, with views of the ocean. 

Marble Work
Adding a touch of marble to your bathroom is the perfect way to make it look glamorous, modern and sleek. Some of the bathrooms at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas feature chic, black marble walls and cream marble counters. Meanwhile, the hotel’s other bathrooms feature floor to ceiling white marble. 

Freestanding Tubs
Freestanding tubs always look amazing in bathrooms and they are a great way to make a big change, without having to redo the whole bathroom. Why not consider a vintage, freestanding tub like the bath in this Scottish castle? Some of the property’s bathrooms feature free-standing tubs, with beautifully painted designs on the outer edges. Meanwhile, the property’s other bathrooms also offer up their own source of inspiration. They feature original, Edwardian features, with rough stone walls and baths surrounded by rough brick work.

How To Use Pink
Pink bathrooms are a hot trend for 2017/18. The bathrooms in the Henrietta Hotel in London are the perfect example of how to use pink in a fresh, modern way. The bathrooms feature an art deco design, with simple light-pink tiling, painted walls and features. In the world of interior design, pink and green is known as one of the hottest color combinations, so why not add some light pink touches to your white bathroom, and combine it with tons of gorgeous, green indoor houseplants? 

So there you have it, 8 beautiful hotel bathrooms to inspire you. That 'levitating' wooden canoe tub is stunning or can you imagine yourself soaking in a beautiful round bathtub! Which one is your favourite? 

Till next time... is it time to start planning your bathroom reno?

About the Author
Carmela Rodriguez is a journalist from London who swapped the rainy UK for the sunshine in Medellin, Colombia. She is currently a content writer for travel start-up AllTheRooms.

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