Monday 30 October 2017

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a Serviced Office!

Often, having an impressive address is the difference between success and failure. For businesses, location really can mean everything. So, it’s naturally frustrating to be a small company, with a limited budget. You might feel cut off from certain neighbourhoods and addresses, particularly in a big city like Brisbane where office rates are high.

Young and small businesses need to find a way to compete with bigger rivals. The good news is that serviced facilities are committed to providing affordable, flexible workspaces. With a premium serviced office in Brisbane, small businesses get to benefit from an unique arrangement.

This guide to the benefits of serviced office solutions will explain why they are a great option for smaller businesses on a budget.

The One Payment System
The defining feature of serviced offices is their all-inclusive nature. This is what makes them so affordable. While quoted rates are similar to conventional leases, there is one important difference. In this case, the rental rate includes all of the basic utilities like heating, lighting, cleaning, security, air conditioning, general maintenance, and (in many cases) high-speed broadband. These are core utilities and central to the serviced package. Depending on your choice of vendor, there may be a long list of additional extras.

Keeping It Simple
It means serviced tenants end up making substantial savings. The cost of overheads is much higher when paying individual companies for all of these resources. It’s also just a simpler way to operate. There is one payment each month, and it covers everything your business needs.

In most cases, there’s a basic package, and this includes the aforementioned utilities. Surplus tools, equipment, and resources are easily added (or removed) from this monthly fee. It is a changeable, editable arrangement and you are in full control of how much you pay.

Freedom and Flexibility
Aside from making overheads manageable, serviced providers help small businesses afford top locations by giving them flexibility. These unique vendors understand that market conditions can change fast. Having the ability to adapt is a big part of being successful.

Tenants are never locked into a contract. It rolls over until a change in circumstances is required. You retain the right to up or downgrade when needed, often within the same building if the vendor has an appropriate vacancy. So, you’ll never get caught by an unsuitable lease.

No Delays or Downtime
Many of the serviced facilities in Brisbane CBD are available on a fully furnished basis. The suites come ‘ready to go,’ complete with impeccably decorated interiors and beautiful furniture. It’s another costly responsibility that tenants don’t have to deal with if they choose this option.

Think about what happens if something in your serviced office breaks down or develops a fault. Instead of having to replace it with your own money, you just report it to the onsite staff. It doesn’t ‘belong’ to you. The use and enjoyment, but not the responsibility, is yours to handle.

Finding an Affordable Office in Brisbane
There are some truly superb serviced vendors in central Brisbane. However, it’s still important to pick carefully and evaluate the resources properly. For one thing, you need to be sure all networking activities are fully supported. Ask questions about the speed of the broadband.

If possible, arrange to take a guided tour of a facility before you sign an agreement. This is a great opportunity to speak with current tenants and get an honest depiction of what life is like there. Ask the vendor to confirm that your contract will be fully flexible and negotiable.

Till next time... take your business to the next level!


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