Thursday 19 October 2017

Three Budget Outdoor DIY Projects To Do Before Christmas

Christmas is just 9 weeks away...9 short weeks! Where has the tine gone eh? In Australia, Christmas is celebrated smack bang in the middle of summer. And summer in Australia means spending more time outside thanks to fantastic warm weather, daylight savings, backyard barbecues, alfresco entertaining and family gatherings. So why not give yourself a present this Christmas with a couple of DIY projects that is cost effective and adds dimension, and functionality to your outdoor space. (And you don't need to wait till Christmas Day to enjoy it!)

Today, Jason Hodges, landscape expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, shares three super easy DIY functional projects under $3,000 that you can do in time for the festive season. “There are lots of great and simple projects that can be done in the backyard that will compliment the home and spruce up the outdoors, ready for summer. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved and enjoy our beautiful climate,” says landscape expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, Jason Hodges.

The Outdoor Shower
Embrace nature and create a tranquil space in your backyard with an outdoor shower. For those who don’t have the space for a pool, an outdoor shower is a great alternative to cooling off during those scorching Aussie heatwaves. It is important to consider the plumbing points, screening for privacy and a sustainable water management system. Opt for Adbri’s Ecotrihex Permeable Pavers that are specially designed to allow water to permeate through the surface into the layers below where water can be harvested or redirected. Surface water runoff is minimised and the need for additional surface drainage is reduced.
BBQ Grilling Station
The Aussie love affair with the great outdoors means we can create an outdoor kitchen and grilling station that is both enjoyable and practical. Creating the perfect base for a BBQ bench top is made easy with Adbri’s AB Courtyard Blocks. They provide a genuine DIY solution to creating functional, individualised outdoor kitchens for any backyard. “The beauty of these blocks is that they don’t require glue or mortar to keep them in place, which means you aren’t stuck to one location. If you want to move your BBQ in the future, you can easily do so.” says Jason Hodges.
Built-in Furniture
Extend your entertaining possibilities and invest in built-in furniture that will add structure, dimension and aesthetics to the backyard while maximising your space and allowing you to comfortably entertain more people this summer. You can easily construct custom, freestanding walls that double as seats using the Adbri AB Courtyard Blocks. The DIY walling system allows you to build directly atop of existing paved or flat concrete surfaces. The great thing about using the AB Courtyard Blocks is that they can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity and functionality.
These are three backyard projects will be a gift that you can continue to enjoy for years to come. So get a jump on them and get your backyard summer ready for that amazing Christmas lunch with friends and family!

Till next time... get your DIY game face on!


About Adbri Masonry
Adbri Masonry is Australia’s leading masonry manufacturer supplying quality concrete bricks, blocks, pavers, retaining walls, erosion control products, architectural masonry solutions and reconstituted stone veneers throughout Australia’s East Coast, South Australia and Tasmania.

About Adbri Ambassador Jason Hodges
Jason Hodges is Australia’s well-loved celebrity landscaper, most notably seen on the Channel Seven lifestyle TV show Better Homes & Gardens. Jason is also a brand ambassador for Australia’s leading masonry manufacturer, Adbri Masonry. Jason is a four-time Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) Gold medallist.

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