Monday 2 October 2017

How To Layer With Lights to Create An Extraordinary Interior!

Lighting is an important element in interior design and even more so when trying to create an ambience of warmth and mood in your home.

Any and every interior stylist, designer or style guru will tell you the secret to a perfectly styled, unforgettably lush look is layering! Similarly in lighting design, it's all about creating layers... layers of different types of lights in the same room that work well together but are versatile enough to create different moods!Confused? Let's break it down.

There are three main types of lighting - Ambient, Accent and Task. And appreciating the fundamental differences between these different types of lighting will help you better understand how to layer them in your home.

Ambient lighting is the general stock standard common type of 'background lighting' that we have in any room of our home - recessed lights, ceiling-mounted fixtures or standard wall-mounted lights. In simple terms... these lights help us see clearly, conduct basic chores and walk around safely without bumping into things.

Accent lighting is the more aesthetic, decorative type used to draw your attention and create visual interest and drama. And although, strictly speaking, accent lights don't need to be functional, they can be. One example is a mid-century modern chandelier over the dining table or beautiful concrete hanging lights over your bedside tables.

Lastly, task lighting is mainly those used for work purposes like a set of focused lights over the kitchen counter and around the bathroom mirror, led light strips inside cabinets and cupboards and reading lamps on study tables.

Design Tip #1
Rather than having just one light source in the room, the trick is to balance good design and lighting quality and layer the three different types of lights to create a functional, versatile and beautiful interior space!

Design Tip #2
Start with the fundamentals (i.e. ambient lights) and then choose your functional task lights. Lastly, set the mood with accent lighting. Don't be afraid to mix and match or to choose multipurpose lights, like an accent light with a task feature (e.g. a beautiful floor lamp lamp with an extending arm), to create a pretty yet functional reading nook.

Design Tip #3
Install dimmer switches for all your accent lights and also ensure separate light switches for every light so that you can control each layer individually. This will help you set different lighting moods depending on the occasion.

Layering with lights in the right balance and scale can turn ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces. Even subtle changes to the lighting in your home can make a huge difference to your interior design! When buying light fixtures for your home or renovation project, have a look at the range of interior lights at Urban Lighting. They have a unique collection of ambient, accent and task lights that won't disappoint and an advisory service that will help you pick the best for your home! I especially love their stylish yet minimalistic Scandinavian wall lights!
Till next time... layer with lights to create an extraordinary interior!

This post was created in collaboration with Urban Lighting. As always, all thoughts and opinions are all mine and genuine and I only ever work with brands that I love and I think you will too.

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