Friday 25 November 2016

From Tired to Timeless | 5 Tips For Giving Your Office Space New Life

First impressions matter, whether it is a client or a potential employee walking into an office space. Studies have also shown that an inspiring well-designed office creates a meaningful space that motivates employees to love what they do, feel engaged and comfortable in their work environment. Today we delve into the world of office design with our guest contributor Cherry who shares her design tips to transform a tired office space into a beautiful and creative work environment.

Your office space is a reflection of your business, as well as being the place you and your employees spend most of your waking hours. So, it’s very important that it inspires you, and is a space you enjoy spending time in. As part of my job I visit a lot of different workplaces, and whilst some are bright and inviting, there’s nothing worse than walking to an office that feels dismal. If people aren’t happy where they work, they are less productive and a dingy office is just plain unprofessional. Here are some fundamental tips to help you create a space that you’ll be proud to work in.

Firstly, consider your company’s culture, as well as the type of business you are. A business that works with affluent or older clients may want to set a different tone to a company that caters more for young people, or wants to present a fun and casual atmosphere. Once you’ve decided on a style, you can commence planning and making your improvements with a clear vision.

1. Furniture
Office furniture can often be overlooked but it makes a huge statement about your workplace. You want to set the tone that your business is sophisticated, reputable and trustworthy, with classic furniture or modern, sleek furniture depending on your company image. A good set of occasional chairs for your entrance or anywhere clients will be sitting or waiting for any length of time is imperative, such as Executive Seating One Stop Office Interiors. Comfort is something you want to invest in, as people will be spending a great deal of time sitting, and it is important as you want them to feel relaxed.

2. Plants
Offices can be notoriously sterile, so some well thought out and hardy plants are a great way to bring life to the space. Make sure they thrive well indoors with little light, and you have someone dedicated looking after them.

3. Paint
A quick and affordable way to update and set the tone of your space is of course through colour. Keeping walls white and bright with a statement colour or two adds personality. Choose carefully since you want your colours to set a mood, as well as reflect your company’s personality, theme and logo. Your company's logo is like your team colours and see if you can be reflect or complement them in your office scheme.

4. Permanent Features
If you own your office space, look at it's features such as flooring. You want something that always looks fresh and clean. Modern, functional and easy to clean window coverings are essential. It is of utmost importance to have a clean dust free environment. People need natural light to thrive so think about blinds or even one-way glass that looks sleek, lets in light, gives privacy from the street and goes well with any decor.

5. Homely Touches
Once you’ve created a clean, open, beautiful area it is important to add touches to your office to make you and others feel welcome and at ease. Think about having display boards up on walls that feature your company to showcase a professional and informative feel, photos that add personality, or paintings and art that inspire people.

Make people feel invited and taken care of as if they were in your home. It's important to have drinks at hand for example a water cooler, as well as relevant tasteful reading material in the lobby area next to the waiting space. Scent diffusers add a subtle touch of sophistication and warmth, and cover the smell of reheated tuna sandwiches and printer ink. Have on offer a bowl of lollies or mints, to make waiting more pleasant. People will always leave with a better impression of your company if their needs are catered to. Make visitors want to linger in your space for a while; and employees feel energetic and productive, because that’s the true testament of a great office environment.

An engaging and beautiful workspace creates happy employees and promotes positive and productive collaborations. And a well designed and decorated office space showcases the right impression to clients and customers.

Do you work in a beautiful office or is your workspace in dire need of a transformation? Share with us your thoughts and tips for a good workspace design in the comments below.

Till next time...rethink your office design!
About The Author
Cherry Wastle is a writer living in Melbourne who excels in witty, insightful and engaging content. Her articles have been published widely and she is a prolific contributor on social media platforms. Her specialised areas of interest are fashion, beauty and health.

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