Saturday 19 November 2016

How to Choose a Rug for your Living Room

A rug can really make a difference in the lounge, and is the one place one can go with a bold pattern. The rug should never be the focal point of the room, rather it should blend in with the surroundings, and be part of the overall design scheme. To highlight the sumptuous flooring in the living room, it is a good idea to stay away from a wall-to-wall rug and ensure that the size and scale of the rug is in proportion to the room, allowing the floor to dominate.

Designer rugs
Australian designed Armadillo rugs are ideal for the living room, and with a fabulous range of exotic designs and colours, it isn’t hard to find what one is looking for. Woven wool and cotton rugs are elegant and hard wearing, and with a choice of pile thickness and finishes, the rug will showcase the rest of the room.

Define the traffic
The volume of traffic is an important thing to consider when choosing a rug. Wool is very durable and is easier to clean than cotton or nylon, and responds better to a deep clean, which it needs every few months. High traffic areas are constantly pounded by dirt and grime, and while a vacuum might lift a majority, there is a portion that remains and gets impacted into the carpet fibres over time. A professional dry clean will have the rug looking like new, year after year. 

Furniture colour
This defines the scope of shades one can use, and if the furniture is a solid colour, a patterned rug will contrast nicely. Patterned fabric on the sofa and armchairs requires a two tone design of rug, which will not detract from the patterns, and add a little depth to the room. Wooden furniture goes well with a distressed rug, which is a one-off effect created by overdyeing, washing, and other treatments. This style is ideal for a traditional setting, or in an antique environment.

Furniture styles
If a western Australian were looking for something stylish and affordable, there are online solutions with furniture in Perth, WA from Webber Furniture, with more than 40 years of hands-on experience in providing furniture and rugs. Whether one is into Scandinavian or mid-century styles, there is something to complement any d├ęcor.

A rug pad
Unless one wants the rug to scoot across the floor when walked upon, a rug pad is essential. Apart from securing the rug, it also protects the floor, and for this reason, it is recommended to use one. The pad also gives a softer feel underfoot, as it adds thickness.

The right size
If the floor is a highlight of the room, it isn’t a good idea to use a rug that covers more than fifty percent of the floor area. Square or rectangular are both popular. And in the right setting, a circular or oval rug will add a touch of elegance and style. 

If a rug is chosen with the above guidelines in mind, it is sure to complement the overall design of the room, and will add to the level of comfort for the occupants.

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