Thursday 10 November 2016

How To Style A Bedroom In A Small Apartment!

If you are renting or if you've just bought your first apartment in the city area, chances are your bedroom space could be tight. Nevertheless, living in a small apartment can be a lot of fun. It’s a place that’s perfectly sized just for you, and you can style it any way you like. However, it can be challenging to style a space that’s small as well as trying to find optimal storage solutions without creating a cluttered living environment.

Here are some of the best ways to style your minimal space, and have some fun whilst doing it!

Invest In A Trundle Bed
Trundle beds are the perfect way to combine storage and sleeping all in one place. Clever 'under the bed' storage will not only free up space in your room, but it’ll also be super handy if you’re in bed and you’re looking for a book to read. Get a bed frame that offers storage, which is a great way to give your room a quick tidy up; all the things that are taking up space can go straight under your bed, but in organised drawers. If you have little ones, you can also maximise space in their room with a space-saving kids bed.

Lighten Up The Walls
Paint your walls a light colour such as dove grey, antique white or other pastel shades. A lighter shade of paint will open up a small room and make it feel brighter creating an illusion of space. Painting your room a soft pastel shade will also create a relaxing and restful environment helping you unwind when you are ready for sleep.

Install Some Floating Shelves
Fill blank spaces on your walls with some stylish and innovative floating shelves. These practical designs will give you the same usefulness of a chest of drawers or a standing shelf, without the bulkiness. Wall shelves can also be placed anywhere in your room, so you won’t have to sacrifice precious floor space to store your belongings.

Fake It With A Mirror
A great way to open up a small space is with a mirror. Mirrors create depth and give the impression that a room is larger, brighter and bigger, without taking up much room at all. Invest in a large mirror that makes your bedroom look double the size, or hang a collection of smaller mirrors to bounce light around and brighten up the room. Adding a mirror is a fantastic way to keep your room looking bright, fresh and open, whilst creating an illusion of space.

Create A Focal Point
Keeping it minimal in your bedroom is a great way to maximise space while keeping it clutter-free, however it may not reflect your personality. Creating a focal point in your room, such as a feature wall with removable wallpaper, adding abstract paintings or building a small photo gallery around your bedhead will add a splash of colour and personality in your room. Painting all four walls in your bedroom the same colour, may make you feel boxed in, so unleash your creative side and create a feature wall. It will liven up your room and create depth making it seem spacious.

Choose Your Décor
Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme, you’re basically halfway done with styling. Colour brings life to any living space, but have a think about décor styles that would suit your space.

Pick a style you will be happy with long term - vintage, classic, provincial, modern, minimalist, industrial, are just some of the popular themes to choose from. If you are feeling indecisive or overwhelmed, use Pinterest as a source of inspiration to get your creativity flowing.

Use Small Décor Sets Or A Large Centrepiece
For a minimalist approach - Group small photo frames and canvases for tables, walls and dressers to create interesting but clutter-free vignettes.

If you want to make a big décor statement, install a standout light pendant or a stunning floor lamp in your bedroom and let it speak for itself. You can also create a style statement with a large painting, interesting wallpaper, wall sculptures or beautiful tapestry.

Creating a beautiful, cosy and inviting space for yourself is a lot of fun. Investing in smart furniture designs, clever storage solutions, space-maximising products and creative styling will make your small bedroom seem bigger, whilst keeping it trendy and personalised. Use our advice to give your bedroom a space maximising and stylish makeover!

Till next time...get styling!

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