Friday 13 July 2018

5 Table Styling Tips To Make You The Envy At Home & Online!

I recently invited my closest girlfriends over for a Christmas in July outdoor luncheon and as much as I love entertaining friends and family at our home, let’s face it – entertaining is no longer just about guests and food. It’s also about table settings, cutlery, place cards, decor, linen and of course instagramming your beautiful tablescapes. So, you want to make sure not only your food but your table settings really impress as well.

Corelle, known for their super durable, easy to stack yet stylish tempered glass dinnerware, have released three unique new designs, Modena, Dalena and Florentia – three unique styles to suit every foodie’s taste. With so much to choose from (Corelle has over 2000 patterns!), it can get difficult when it comes to picking dinner sets and table styling. So today we have Corelle’s Vice President of Global Design -Tania Aldous sharing her five key tips for choosing and styling your tableware.

Throw the rule book out
According to Tania Aldous, an industrial designer who grew up in Australia and now works in the US, it’s so much more fun mixing and matching patterns and shapes for casual dining.

Many patterns can be blended together on one table, or mixed with white ware. It is however always easier to start with a blank canvas- plain white table settings and then build using different shapes, squares and rounds on the one table. Bring in other patterns for bread and butter plates, serving bowls and accessories to create a visual feast.

Tania's top tip: Put two table settings together and mix with vintage finds of the same colour as the patterns for a truly unique tablescape!

Pick a theme, colour family or occasion
For a contemporary feel you may wish to choose a geometric design such as Corelle’s new look Modena, inspired by natural fractals and angular contemporary elements or a particular colour.

Modena’s geometric design paired with soft pink or peach colours and natural materials such as linen to juxtapose the angular lines with softer elements creates a luxurious Scandinavian feel.

Tania's top tip: It’s easy to mix and match when you have a theme in mind, then other accessories can be added such as complementary serviettes or glassware.

Invest in different tablecloths or table runners
According to Tania, a long centre table runner of brown paper, or even colourful wrapping paper can be used to set the mood of the table for a special themed dinner. It can also be rolled up later and recycled.

Corelle’s Florentia design is inspired by travels through Spain with its classic navy colours and is perfectly paired with strong, bright coloured tablecloths and contrasting serviettes, or it can bring sophistication to outdoor dining when the setting is paired with washed natural linens, oversized Sangria pitchers and weathered cutlery.

Choose an unusual centre piece
You can use something from another part of the house or even use holiday travel souvenirs and build a setting around them for a special occasion.

Tania's top tip: Travel finds paired with vintage silverware can become conversation starters for beautiful meals shared with friends.

Say it with flowers
Flowers are always the perfect accessory to dress a table, even a simple garden posy makes a meal special.
Corelle’s Dalena pattern was inspired by a trend called “Ethereal”, a dreamlike, watery floral on a contemporary shape. Since Corelle's always exploring new ways to capture floral beauty, this design celebrates the mystery of flowers in ever popular blues and aqua colours.

Tania's top tip: Use succulents as table decorations for their subtle colour and intriguing shapes or you can just choose tableware with a floral pattern.
I hope theses 5 styling tips inspire you to craete a table setting that will make you the envy of every guest  at your party and also of those on social media! If you do use any of our tips, please tag us by using #lmjtableenvy.

The new Corelle dinnerware designs are available through Big W nationally. The Modena 16-piece dinner set is priced at RRP $59, Dalena 16-piece dinner set at RRP $89 and Florentia 16-piece dinner set RRP $59.*

Till next time... do share your tablescaping tips with us and have a wonderful weekend!


Ultra-durable, ultra-light Corelle dishware made its pioneering debut in the kitchen in the early 1970s. For more than four decades, inspired cooks have been using it to make a statement about how much they care about the people they serve — even when it’s a Tuesday night dinner at home.

Corning recognised the practical qualities of Vitrelle glass when they created the Corelle brand — its light weight and combination of thinness and strength were sure to be appreciated by households. Yes, it’s durable, but Corelle dinnerware has earned a reputation as a premium product because of its in-touch style and design. For more information, please go to

*Some individual plates and bowls sold separately

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