Sunday 1 July 2018

How To Personalise Your Walls To Showcase Your Creative Side

Are you bored with your walls? Are you thinking of personalising your walls? Well, there are innumerable ways of adorning the walls of your home that are creative and unique and will often create a beautiful feature. Let's have a look at some of the different ways you can get creative with boring ol' walls!

Hang plants on your walls
Are you a lover of greenery? Hang a bunch of potted plants on your walls so that you can wake up feeling refresh. Imagine a green wall in the corner of your bedroom to create a secret oasis or a modern feature wall.

Attach your bookshelf to the wall
Are you a bookworm? Do you have an extensive collection of books collecting dust somewhere? In that case, you can attach a bookshelf to your wall. Sort by the colour of the spine or cover the books with ombre coloured or brown paper to create a feature wall and visual interest.

Obsessed with nature
Do you often receive flowers? Do you throw them away when they dry up? Then maybe think about framing some pretty ones or hanging bunches of dry flowers up on your walls to create an unique nature art gallery. 

Wall of memories
Hang your precious memories up on the wall to create a truly one of a kind feature wall. Frame them for a more structured trendy look or keep them unframed for a boho chic vibe. You can also get creative with custom printed fabric, to use as matting when framing the photos and upholster a single piece of furniture or hang curtains in a similar print to create a seamless flow of design in the room.

Wall of antiques
Are you someone who loves collecting antiques? Showcase your collection of vintage mirrors or vintage art in gilded antique frames by hanging them up on the same wall or group sculptures on shelves. Showcase your treasured antique collection and complement with good mood lighting. Match them with some creative chandeliers to create an unforgettable interior space!

3D wall murals 
3D wall murals is a great way to adorn your walls. You can always hire a painter to get it done for you. Decorate your walls with a landscape of mountains or perhaps the beach or maybe a misty forest. Instead of getting a mural painted on your wall, you could also opt to buy a wall mural of your choice online. This is one of the trendiest wall d├ęcor options currently!

So get started and showcase your creative, artistic side and personalise your walls! What are some of your favourite ways to decorate boring walls? Share with us in the comments below.

Till next time... have a lovely day!


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