Tuesday 10 July 2018

Starting Your Day Off On the Right Foot!

Wake-up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, go to work, repeat; everybody has their own morning routine. Whether they get up straight away as soon as that alarm goes off, or they hit snooze and fit a small nap in, each person is aware of what they have planned that morning. With that said, what about if you're not quite feeling up to it? You may plan to wake up at 6:30 am and have a healthy breakfast, but find yourself rushing through the McDonald’s drive through after waking up two hours late, sleepy and tired. But how can waking-up feeling awful be fixed? Isn’t it just a consequence that comes along with sleeping? Here are a few ways in which you can pump-up your pre-morning ritual to result in a better morning and a fantastic day!

A Comfy Bed and Bedding!
You can’t possibly expect sleeping on your parents old mattress that's been in storage for five years or an old lumpy one to result in a relaxed spine and muscles ready to power through the day. If you're really expecting to wake up in a comfy bed with your body feeling like its been treated well, you need a bed with sheets that are comfortable and soft, as well as keeping you at the optimal temperature.

For a comfortable sleep, it's necessary to have a quality mattress, soft sheets and a quilt with amazing insulation and temperature control, such as goose down quilts. Using these quality quilts will ensure a comfortable sleep that's mandatory for the perfect start to a long work day.

Keep Those Electronics Away
Reading or using LED screens before bed can have major effects on your ability to fall asleep, which results in being tired the following morning.

You should try limiting the time you spend on your devices to a minimum of at least 45 minutes before bed. That way, the blue light emitted from electronic devices that keeps you from sleeping won’t affect you, and you can finally get to sleep at the desired time. 

Warm Shower before Bedtime
Although you may enjoy a nice refreshing shower in the morning to wake you up and get you ready for a stressful day at work, showering the night before may be essential to keep you from allergies and ensure a good night's rest. After a day out your clothes, hair and face become covered in dust and pollen particles and just because you can’t see them, doesn't mean they're not there. To make sure you're not inhaling these allergens during the night, and to avoid waking up with itchy red eyes and a stuffy nose, shower at night to get the micro-particles causing allergic reactions off your skin and out of your hair.

Exercise Before Bed
Many people like to have a session of yoga, pilates, cardio, stretching and exercising to feel refreshed early in the morning, but you could also do the opposite. Instead of using exercise as a way of waking yourself up, how about using it to have a better night's sleep?

It has been found in the past that people who exercise an hour before bedtime, sleep better than those who don't. More that three-fourths of exercisers said their sleep quality was either fairly good or very good. Those who exercise vigorously report sleeping the best, and are less likely to have sleep problems, whereas 44% of non-exercisers showed a moderate risk for sleep apnea. A spot of meditation or light yoga before bedtime is also a great way to relax tired muscles and promote sleep.

Waking-up in the morning is never fun for anyone, but you don't have to suffer from a bad night's sleep. Hope these tips were useful! Do you follow any daily night time rituals to wake up feeling energised and ready to take on the world? Do share with us in the comments below.

Till next time... have a great sleep and a wonderful day!


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