Monday 16 July 2018

We're Open - 8 Tips for Moving Into a New Office!

Growth and expansion are critical components of any business plan. Business expansion means new opportunity, new staff members and often, new premises in which to fit them! It is a heady and exciting time but can also be costly. To avoid potential pitfalls and protect your investment, here are eight tips for moving offices successfully.

Office Design
Picking the right space is a crucial and critical step. The right office plan and design can motivate employees and increase productivity, creativity and collaboration. Office spaces also needs to be stylish and contemporary to create a formal but comfortable environment. Ergonomic furniture, plenty of natural light and a neutral and industrial colour scheme and accessories are all important elements of a good office design.
Secure the Premises
Securing your new office space is of paramount importance. Not only is there significant value to the equipment and infrastructure in your office space, but your intellectual assets are the heart of your business. It is a wise move to invest in a high-quality business security system. Many companies choose to combine door security and an office alarm with a card access system. This allows you to manage staff access throughout the building.

Prepare Your Staff
A happy employee is an engaged and productive employee. Studies have found that when staff enjoy being at work, they are 20% more productive! Some important considerations for employees include available parking and public transport, nearby facilities for coffee and lunch and the office interior. Consider introducing some plants, creating a comfortable chill out zone and making sure you have a welcoming lunch space to boost employee morale.

Update your OH&S Procedures
Protecting your staff in their new environment and ensuring that you are legally compliant is vital when relocating. Has an ergonomic assessment of the new workstations been completed? Do staff know where the emergency exits are and the location of fire extinguishers and first aid kits? It is probably worth scheduling a fire drill in the first week, so everyone feels confident about the new procedures. 

Set Up and Test Your New Systems
Downtime is costly for any company, so the last thing that you want is to get to the new premises and find that the phones or internet aren’t working! If possible, have them up and running a week beforehand and check the systems thoroughly so you can iron out any issues. 

Move Like a Well-Oiled Machine
Most companies will hire a professional moving company to carry out the move for them, but even so, a lot of work generally goes into the pack up and set up. It is worthwhile appointing a Relocation Coordinator to manage the project. They can check who will supply boxes and labels, what packing and prep need to be done prior, and all the small details that might get overlooked.

Set Up New Staff Access
If you are relocating because your business is growing, chances are you have new staff members joining the team. Remember to arrange both their physical office space and their computer set-up – do they have a login, an email, data security and access to any specific programs required for their role? Smooth and professional staff onboarding has a positive impact on the ongoing relationship with new employees, so start out on the right foot! 

Tell the World
Now you have all your relocation ducks in a row, make sure you communicate with your clients! It is worth giving them as much notice as possible, with several reminders just before the move. You can also communicate via social media. Make sure that your website is updated in a timely fashion and that you have new business cards printed and ready to go. 

With some careful planning and forethought, you can minimize disruption to your business and be fully operational in a new and chic location in no time.

Till next time... have a great start to the work week!

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