Sunday 29 July 2018

How You Can End Weeds & Waste the Eco-Friendly Way!

Australia is famed for expansive gardens, backyards and unique plant life; however we all know that the maintenance of lush outdoor spaces and beautiful gardens can come at an economic and environmental cost.

To help reduce single-use plastic in managing these outdoor spaces, gardening specialists, Nylex, are urging homeowners to switch to re-usable products when fertilizing, and managing pests and weeds. We all know how important the planet is to all of us and since almost every nation has a heavy reliance on plastic, there is an urgent need for every individual to consider their personal contribution to waste and landfill that could take thousands and thousands of years to break down. According to the ABC’s data, Australians are generating waste at twice the growth of our population every year. One of the largest contributors to this waste epidemic is single-use plastic items, including water bottles, straws and grocery bags, yet reducing the amount of plastic consumed is often easy to implement through small habitual changes.

According to the Product Manager at Nylex, ready-to-use weed and pest sprayers are notorious for being thrown in the bin after mere minutes of use, yet one bottle of concentrate lasts the equivalent of 32 on average single-use spray bottles – significantly decreasing the amount of plastic you throw away. These single-use sprayers also cost on average 76 per cent more than buying a good quality sprayer and concentrate, so in choosing an environmentally friendly option you also get more bang for your buck.

The same sprayers can also be easily washed and re-filled for different tasks. The beginning of spring is the best time to fertilize your fruits, as a good fertilizer should hold effect for up to four months, while winter is the best time to get rid of weeds to avoid them taking over in the warmer months.

Woody weeds like blackberries or vigorous vines such as ivy or lantana are tougher to remove, however, clever ergonomic design means serious gardeners can easily get the job done quickly. For example, the Nylex 16L Heavy Duty Sprayer can be worn like a backpack so garden enthusiast can easily cover large areas of tough vegetation in a single session.Alternatively, the Nylex 500ml Trigger Sprayer is ideal for spot maintenance of prized blooms and maintaining indoor plants.

Nylex sprayers are available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse Stores nationwide.

So take a look at the Nylex website and think about how you too can reduce single use plastics in your garden!

Till next time... end weeds and waste the eco-friendly way!


About Nylex
Nylex watering products are the product of choice when looking for durability, reliability and affordability. From market leading anti-kink garden hoses to a multitude of watering accessories, Nylex has a product to cover all your watering needs. Every item in the Nylex range has been specifically designed to make watering a breeze and are sure to add beauty to every Australian garden. Visit their website to see the full range of products:

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