Thursday 23 June 2016

5 Easy Ways To Add Leather In Your Home Décor

There's something very earthy and tactile about leather. Leather is hypoallergenic, organic, versatile and not to mention always on trend! And unlike other fabrics and textiles, ageing brings out leather's natural patina, making it even more beautiful over time. A smart investment and value for money!

In a rich tan colour, leather accents add vintage vibrance and a luxurious touch to any room. So without further ado, here are five easy ways to add leather accents in your home!

First up is the quintessential butterfly chair. Easily recognisable, a minimalist yet striking design of soft, supple leather on a simple black metal frame. Instant Luxe!

Next up - leather drawer pulls. A straightforward idea yet it transforms a simple piece of furniture into a statement piece. These drawer pulls look good in the bathroom or even on kitchen cabinets. Quite easy to DIY as well.

Third up is the novel leather pillow or scatter cushion to add a touch of earthy opulence to your bedroom décor or couch.

Next, the extremely sought after leather Moroccan pouf. Available in a variety of popular colours and even in metallics, these gorgeous leather poufs complement every décor!

Lastly, the new trend taking over interior design...the Captain's Mirror or large round mirrors suspended from a leather strap that wraps around it. Fitting in seamlessly from a bathroom, entryway or nursery, they work well in industrial, modern, rustic and even Scandinavian interiors.

Design tips to keep leather looking as fabulous as the day you bought it: 
~ Apply a good quality leather conditioner every 6 - 12 months
~ Avoid exposing it to extreme heat or direct sunlight
~ Avoid wiping it clean or soaking it with ordinary household cleaners, water or soap.
~ Wipe the leather furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth and clean spills with a dry cloth
~ Vacuum dust and debris from the furniture's crevices
~ Avoid using any cleaning products not designed for leather

So there you have it, five easy and hopefully inspiring ways to incorporate a touch of leather luxe in your home décor! Till next time...

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