Wednesday 22 June 2016

Dress Your Home in Scandinavian Style

Gorgeous minimal interiors flooded with natural daylight, clever utilitarian spaces and a standout in monochrome simplicity, Scandinavian decor is admired and coveted by all those who love a fresh, pure and pared-back design style. And if you'd like to replicate this crisp style of interior design, our guest author, Lana has a few easy and inspiring tips to dress your home in gorgeous Scandinavian style!

Lately, flashy colourful details and patterns are losing their popularity. Today, everyone wants their home to be dressed in minimalistic styles that radiate elegance and style. However before surrendering to just any minimalistic design, consider the beauty, comfort and simplicity of Scandinavian style.
Background Colours
In Scandinavian style, all big surfaces are usually painted in light and soft colours. Backgrounds, such as walls, ceilings and even floors tend to be white, and that makes the whole space feel more airy, fresh and spacious. However, not all walls need to be white and pale. You can choose a wall in the living room to be the accent wall, and paint it in light hues of grey, beige or any other pastel colour of your choice to create a base that can be the foundation for the rest of the décor.
Scandinavians adore including nature in their homes, and therefore it is logical to conclude that the main material in your home should be wood. Timber is practically used everywhere, such as furniture and accessories, as well as for finishing of floors and walls. However, be careful when adding wood, as this elegant style is all about showing real and true beauty; in other words, untreated wood with all it's cracks and imperfections should be part of the interior. After the introduction of wood in major parts of your décor, you can add and layer other textures. Materials such as metal, leather and natural textures such as cotton, linen and hemp can be introduced as they create a warm and unique atmosphere.
Accessories and Details
As the colour palette of this design style is soft and light, your home will need some details to master this design in its entirety. To avoid a sterile feel, layer with small bright accessories to make the room pop. For example, the living room and bedroom can easily be brightened with a soft rug in pastel colours, fresh upholstery, colourful cushions and scented candles.
Add a few copper details in the form of a minimalistic copper lamp, decorative dishes displayed in the kitchen or simple copper coloured vases filled with flowers. 
Decorate the walls with black and white photos of your family or with simple contemporary paintings and posters. Wall décor is an absolute favourite of this style; just make sure not to clutter the walls.
Lighting Solutions
Scandinavian design utilises natural light to create a bright and airy feel and this is replicated in the colour palette. Daylight is number one in creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere and one that you should take full advantage of.
Simple, functional and stylish lighting fixtures are equally important as natural light. Set up several smaller lamps around the house to enhance the décor.
Simple Furniture
Choose furniture with soft and smooth lines that will introduce the feeling of flow and calm. Your coffee and dining tables should be simple and made of wood or metal; your chairs should complement the tables, but their lines can be lean and their shapes can be soft and round. For more comfort and colour, add brightly coloured textured cushions. Sofas, couches and beds should also convey comfort, and their colours should be simple, such as light hues of grey, beige or brown. You can even choose your home appliances to match with the rest of your furniture. For example, a silver washing machine that will blend in perfectly in your new grey bathroom or laundry. The rest of the furniture should also resemble the same characteristics. Closets, cupboards and dressers should be practical and functional with enough storage for all your belongings. 
Decorate your home in this minimalistic style made popular by our fellow Scandinavians and embrace stylish, easy and comfortable living. Appreciate nature and natural textures and make it part of your home decor, and see how well calm colours, soft textures and simple yet stylish design can even change the way you look at life.

Hope you enjoyed our guest post on how to dress your home in a gorgeous and fresh understated Scandinavian style. Till next time...

About the Author
Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and an editor‐in‐chief at Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration.

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