Friday 10 June 2016

Design Board for a Luxe London Apartment : La Maison Jolie Online eDesign Service

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a client from the UK to design her living room. She had recently bought an apartment in the heart of London and was interested in using La Maison Jolie e-Design Services to create a comfortable yet luxe living space. Needless to say I was super excited at the opportunity to design and decorate a swanky London apartment!

~ Contemporary
~ Neutral colours but fun
~ Luxe with a lived in feel
~ Client already has a vibrant red rug that she would like to use in the space
~ Couch needs to turn into a sofa bed to accommodate friends or relatives staying over

Here's a peek of the e-design board that I created for her living room for that lived-in yet luxe look that she was after.
1. Botanical Wall Print // 2. Cotton Knitted Throw // 3. Antiqued Gold Sunflower Wall Mirror // 4. Modern Wood Leg Planter // 5. Alpine Tripod Floor Lamp // 6. Clear Glass Tealight Holder // 7. Verona Sofa Bed //
8. Patterned Cushion Cover // 9. Marble & Brass Round Coffee Table // 10. SNABBVINGE Cushion Cover //
11. Solid Ash Wood Armchair // 12. Emerald Green Velvet Cushion Cover
Here are some of the photos the client sent me of the apartment.
Source: LONDON APARTMENT : LIVING ROOM (Image sent in by client)
Source: LONDON APARTMENT : LIVING ROOM (Image sent in by client)
Source: LONDON APARTMENT : LIVING ROOM (Image sent in by client)
Based on the client brief and room photos, I chose a grey colour scheme with natural wood and brass accents to keep the scheme neutral and sophisticated. Whenever we hear the words a 'neutral colour scheme', we straightaway think of beige, cream and white. Grey is a much stronger colour but depending on the shades it can create an interesting and beautiful yet neutral palette!
The cushion colours were derived from the botanical print which is to be hung on the wall above the sofa. The antiqued gold sunburst mirror will be placed above the fireplace to create an interesting focal point. The chaise lounge (which is also a sofa bed as per client brief) is a moody charcoal complemented by the gorgeous and contemporary light ash grey danish armchair. The natural wooden tripod floor lamp creates a sophisticated vibe and once the concrete planter with wooden legs is filled with an indoor plant, it will soften the entire room and balance the room beautifully with the interesting botanical print, gold and brass accents, the grey colour scheme and the existing red rug. All product sources are from UK and easily available.

I received feedback from the client and she absolutely loves the design! Yay! I'll post her feedback as an update to this post, so stay tuned!
"Thanks for the lovely design board! I love the items you have picked and they really capture the vibe and energy I want in my home. It's a really fun mix of retro and modern, inviting and very elegant. Can't wait to start decorating!!"

Gotta love a happy client! ♥

On another note, I'm nearly done with our guest room/untidy storage room to playroom/study conversion. I'm just adding some finishing touches and looking for some last minute fun and unique items. Can't wait to show you all. Soon!

Till then...

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