Thursday 30 June 2016

From Highway to Driveway - Transforming your Front Yard!

Have you been watching House Rules? We are one grand finale episode away from the end of season 4! This season there has been some amazing interior and exterior house transformations. Apart from all the interiors, my favourite garden transformation by far was that of Fil and Joe's house. The front garden, the white picket fence, the sandstone, the fountain and that driveway is just beautiful.
On first glance the driveway looked like compacted gravel. The colour, the texture, the way it complements the rest of the house, the garden and matches perfectly with the sandstone. I was surprised to find out that it was actually exposed aggregate! From surfacing highways to beautifying driveways, exposed aggregate has certainly come a long way.
Having an exposed aggregate driveway or front yard has a lot of positives. Exposed aggregate has a layer of small stones on top of the concrete which makes it an anti-skid surface for cars when wet. And like concrete driveways it is extremely durable, can withstand all weather conditions, it doesn't show stains easily and is low maintenance.
From a design point of view, exposed aggregate finishes can be matched to the colour of your house exterior or contrast with it, and even the texture of the aggregate, depends on your choice and size of stones such as pebble, shells, silicate and crushed Quarry stone. Who doesn't like options?!

However, unlike other DIY jobs, you do need a professional to pour, expose, wash and seal the surface.
What a difference the new exposed aggregate driveway makes to a house! The transformation from a tired and murky red brick driveway to a Hampton's style driveway is nothing short of amazing! 

From traditional style homes to modern ones, brick, rendered or weatherboard, exposed aggregate works well with all and can be used for surfacing driveways, swimming pool edges, patios, outdoor entertaining areas, footpaths and side pathways. You could choose to create a designer look like this beautiful grey toned driveway featuring Walker Civil Construction's exposed aggregate in Perth along with concrete pavers to create textural interest and complement the landscaping and house exterior.
Exposed aggregate is an environmentally sustainable material that is architecturally beautiful and can make quite a design statement. It is affordable, cost effective, low maintenance and increases curb appeal thereby adding significant value to your property!

Think about adding an exposed aggregate driveway or patio when you renovate your front or backyard. I know I will!
Till next time...

This post is sponsored by Walker Civil Construction based in Perth, WA. They are a full-service design/build company specialising in home exterior construction, re-modelling and landscaping. 
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