Sunday 26 June 2016

Coral Is The New Black!

Coral is a beautiful colour that not only works well on its own but as a feature wall or décor accessories like cushions, lamps, rugs and even furniture pieces, it can really accentuate and complement any space.

Did you know in the world of colour therapy, energy and vibration, coral is known as the soul spirit colour, the colour of the angelic quality that resides within us? How amazing is that?

Coral can be versatile, punchy, vibrant or exotic depending on the shade used. It can be paired with almost every colour - navy, indigo or pale blues, dark pinks, soft reds, mustard yellows, off whites, mint greens, turquoise, aqua, jade, dove greys, dark charcoals, dusky browns and especially metallics like gold, rose gold or copper pair beautifully! Move over orange, Coral IS the new Black!

Here are a few inspiring ideas on how you could incorporate a touch of coral in your home décor.

Hope you were inspired to break open a pot of paint this weekend and paint something coral!

We have some amazing posts lined up next and a sneak peek of the almost complete playroom makeover! Can't wait! Till next time...

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