Monday 10 April 2017

Benefits of Installing Double Glazed Windows to Your Property

Windows let in light and fresh air and are aesthetically appealing. They can also severely impact the heating and cooling needs and costs making them more than just a design consideration in any home.

Up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heat gained through windows thereby making it important to invest in energy efficient windows that make your home more comfortable while reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficient windows also helps to create a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable environment. Today we have Nathan Bishop from Go Green Glazing sharing his insights into the benefits of installing double glazed windows in your home or your investment properties.

Home owners and landlords need to be pragmatic when contemplating their home or investment property’s value. To increase it, energy savings is one option for those who are forward-thinking. Installing double glazing in investment properties, a high energy efficient window, will increase weekly rent while offering high quality to the tenants and for home owners, it will significantly lower your energy costs.

Double glazing uses two panes of glass rather than one. Trapped in between the two panes is either an inert xenon, argon or krypton gas that increases its energy effectiveness. In turn, installing double glazing to your house significantly reduces energy bills by as much as half because of the reduction in drafts and leaks while increasing the house’s insulation.

Low-E glass used will also add to heat retention, and coupled with warm space bars along the window’s edge, the efficiency will increase. Choosing the right space bars, made out of either a metal or polymer strip to separate the two panes, will seal the double glazed unit. A drying agent, which helps to rid any condensation trapped inside is used in conjunction, and will result yield notable results. To lock the windows, the more common compression shoot bolt is recommended, but other options are available and are equally effective.

As heating and cooling bills will significantly reduce with the use of double glazing, these windows are considered eco-friendly. Using less fuel equates to a lower carbon footprint, making this a win-win for the home owner.

It can also minimize condensation which leads to mould. When cold air from outside meets the warm interior air, common with single pane glass windows, mould begins to form. This translates to health problems as well as cleaning costs and soaring energy bills. Choosing to install double glazing breaks down those issues and saves you long term money. And as well as minimising heat loss, double glazing also cuts down on external noise.

Sound insulation increases significantly by choosing double glazing over single panes. Because there’s a gap between the panes, human voice, traffic outside or the noisy neighbours are actively blocked out. If you require further noise pollution reduction, then opting for a larger gap between the panes of glass is the alternative. However, note that the larger a gap between panes can also result in less heat retention.

Security is also increased with the installation of double glazing. The interlocking system strengthens the beading and hinges on the interior windows. Prying the window open is prevented, and because of the added strength of double glazed windows, smashing a window is also more difficult. If double glazing is still not enough security for you, then using a toughened glass or laminated one adds to its durability.

Ultraviolet rays can damage the fabrics inside a home as well as wood, carpets and artwork – not to mention the harmful effects on human health. Double glazing can cut down on the ultraviolet rays by as much as 75 percent while still retaining heat. Today, double glazed windows are becoming the norm in newly built houses, and retrofitting existing windows of older properties increases its value while offering the best on the market.

When considering windows in the new or old home, double glazing is a cost-effective option. It’s long lifespan and durability provides home owners and landlords with increased value for years to come. An attractive option too, double glazing offers creature comforts that are difficult to find with single window paned houses.

Till next time... get double glazed windows and save some coin!

About the Author
Nathan Bishop is the owner Go Green Glazing. They are a family owned business in Geelong & Melbourne, specialising in retrofit double glazing. His team has over 100 years of combined experience in window repair, replacement & retrofitting.

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