Monday 24 April 2017

Luxury Living On A Budget!

We’ve all been there - the moment you walk into a hotel room and have this gut wrenching feeling of envy and think- "why can’t my house look and feel like this?!" The cool thing is that it can!

Are you rolling your eyes because you think you could never afford the luxury a hotel room provides or you would have to spend a lot to achieve that high end look? Well, today we have guest contributor Geneva, sharing a few of her simple and affordable tricks of the trade that will ensure you can incorporate luxury living into your interior design. Intrigued? Read on…

Feature Pieces
There is no need to toss out everything you own and replace it with state-of-the-art, luxurious furniture. Instead, pick a feature piece that will set the tone for the rest of the room. A piece that people will walk in and say - where did you get that?! Something like a classy leather lounge suite that is both eye catching and incredibly comfortable. Highlighted with a couple of gorgeous end tables with styled interior design magazines on top and you are in for a relaxing, luxurious experience every time you enter your living room.

Love your Lighting
What is the one thing all perfect rooms have in common? Perfect lighting!

Never will you walk into an overly-bright or a dark and dreary luxury hotel room and exclaim it is a luxurious experience. Lighting can, and will, make or break a room design and the overall mood. Something as simple as switching the wattage could improve the ambiance.

In addition to lighting, purposefully placing candles in main areas of the house will add a cosy feeling and a subtle scent. And smart lighting is proven to lower electricity bills as well. The more you save on electricity, the more you have to splurge on interior design! Score!

Greenery is oh so Good
Whether it is a strategically placed indoor plant or a vase of freshly cut tulips, fresh greenery will up the 'classy' factor of any room. Not only do indoor plants make you feel happy and add a touch of luxury, there are also health benefits as indoor plants are known to remove harmful pollutants in the air. 

Soak up the Seasons
Like any top rated hotel, a well decorated home always has aspects of the current season woven into the d├ęcor. Incorporating a wintery bowl of fresh pinecones or a summery seersucker duvet will make you feel immediately at home and in touch with the current season and style.

Size Matters
Self conscious about the size of your second bedroom? Worried your house guests will think you are making them slum it because the walls seem to be creeping up on the bed frame? Well think again, small rooms have just the potential of their larger counterparts with the right feature mirror. A large mirror can increase the perceived size of a room and double the amount of natural light. A win-win situation!

Beautify the Bathroom
The average human spends up to 92 days of their life in the bathroom! So when adding luxury to your home, don’t forget the bathroom! In fact, why not make it a focal point and make the experience feel like a mini-vacation every time you step into your bathroom? Splurge on plush, soft towels and keep them neatly folded. Keep the medicine cabinet, linen closet and all counter space free of clutter. Place scented candles near the bathtub and light it up to really soak up that luxury in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Luxury doesn’t need to be equated with a fancy holiday overseas in a luxurious resort, a honeymoon in a high end boutique hotel, or any other event that automatically means spending tons of money. Incorporating small, subtle yet effective style to your home will significantly boost the luxurious look and feel. From sprucing up your bathroom to embracing the size of your second bedroom, don’t sell yourself short if you want that luxurious feel. Give these six tips a try and immediately feel the difference!

Till next time... incorporate a touch of luxury in your interior design!

About the Author
Geneva is a writer, traveller and entrepreneur making a name for herself across Australia’s business landscape.

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