Monday 3 April 2017

How To Make the Most of a Small Space

Have you ever found yourself left with a small space that just needs… something?

Perhaps it’s too small to be a room, and too large to be just storage, or just an under utilised balcony that you know could be more. This feeling of the walls closing in can be replaced with a feeling of cosiness. Take this opportunity to curate a little slice of peace in your otherwise daily grind, and make the most out of a small space. Today, our guest contributor Claire shares her 4 simple rules to achieving an intimate and purposeful space.

Lighting is your friend
Natural light is something we can’t always control. Whatever natural light you are working with, try and enhance it by putting classic window fittings deserving of that beautiful light. I can’t go past white plantation shutters or long flowing drapes which can be found at Ihacorp. This will make the most out of the space and give you that inviting oasis vibe instantly.

Complement your light with greenery, and place some plants by those windows to enhance the natural light. Any dark corners in the room, place small tables with desk lamps for evening use.

Establish and respect the space
Is this the place where you will shake off the week with a glass of wine, or where you’ll get a moment of zen with a quick yoga session? Once you know what it’s going to be, you can start having fun. Think about what the rest of your place is missing, and make this space the solution. Instead of dwelling on the small space you have been dealt, choose to think of it as a bonus space, not necessarily a necessity, but a luxury!

Once you have decided on its purpose, there is no going back. This can’t be a laundry limbo room, where you fold and iron your clothes. Respect this space as your personal accomplishment; a place to steal away, relax and unwind.

Play around with the right colours
White walls and furniture make a room seem larger, this rule is tried and tested.

However, it can’t all be white, surely. Don’t hold back with your colour palette and feel free to use soft colours liberally. Soft greens and blues are perfect for smaller spaces, as they make the room feel airier and larger. Dark colours absorb light, and make rooms appear smaller.

Remember that this space will be a sanctuary, and no one wants to be met with maroons and dark purples when you are looking to be rested and refreshed. It’s no accident that most hotel rooms have white walls, beds and bathrooms to make their guests feel they are in a larger space than what they are however a pop of muted pastel colour can also make a small space feel warm and cosy.

Less is more
As humans, we are programmed to want ‘stuff’.

In this instance, there isn’t enough room for impractical furniture so let’s get back to the basics. If it’s a yoga or exercise place, use ottomans and mats on the floor, this will not only save space but give the room an immediate identity. If you want this to be an entertaining space, find a statement bar cart which can double as a table surface, and then all you need is some low-rise chairs and a luxurious rug. If this is a study place or where you will work from home, then a desk and a small bookcase is all you need. The space only needs relevant objects and you will come to love the simplicity and ease of how it feels.

If you find yourself with a small space, despair not. Treat this as an opportunity to create an intimate sanctuary, a place that is completely yours and dedicated solely to its purpose. Follow these 4 simple rules to treat yourself to some 'me-space'!

Till next time... make the most of a small space!


About the Author
Voted 'Most Likely to Nap', Claire's interests lie with pottery and literature with her ultimate passion being low budget True Crime shows. With a background in fashion and advertising, Claire hopes to one day reach her limit in black tee shirts and jeans.

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