Wednesday 26 April 2017

Recreate La La Land Style in Your Home!

Have you watched La La Land? When I watched the romantic movie, I was intrigued by the punchy colours used to showcase Mia's character and her home and the use of monochrome for jazz musician Sebastian. The colourful and captivating set design was nothing short of seamless brilliance! Set decorator Sandy Reynolds-Wasco and production designer David Wasco created a wonderful and magical technicolor version of Los Angeles La La Land.

Emma Stone plays Mia, a hopeful actress. Mia's apartment is designed to be a riot of bright colours with heaps of references to old Hollywood starlets like the poster of Ingrid Bergman behind the bed. The interior or rather set design is bold and captivating and is perfectly suited to Mia's character in the movie. If you like the style in which Mia's apartment was designed, here's a style guide to inspire you to bring design elements of the Oscar winning movie into your home and recreate the La La Land look!
 The Style of La La Land
The Style of La La Land by The Rug Seller
Till next time... I'm off to watch La La Land again!

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