Tuesday 11 April 2017

Easter DIY - Bunny Ears for Your Little Bunny!

Easter is nearly here and so here's a little DIY that I put together for my little girl. She loves to play dress-up and loves her hair bands. So along with dressing up her nursery for Easter, I decided to make a little something for her. For this quick DIY, all you will need are:
- A hairband
- Grey felt (or any other colour felt)
- White felt (or any other colour felt)
- Glue gun
- ScissorsCut the felt into ears like above using my template here. Using the glue gun stick the white felt onto the grey felt to make two bunny ears.
Twist and stick each ear onto the hairband with the glue gun. Scrunch them up a little to make them look a tad more realistic.
Put the hair band on your little ones and delight in their joyful squeals! Have a Happy Easter with your Easter Bunny!

Till next time... don't eat too many chocolate eggs!

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